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Kawaii Leaders are not just Kawaii fashion trendsetters, but some are also community leaders (both online and offline) and fashion bloggers. Kawaii.i contest winners who excel at spreading Kawaii culture around them have the chance to become Kawaii Leaders in the future.

Stella Lee

Stella Lee is a known as a beauty blogger, who has been Kawaii Leader since the project has been started. Stella has been featured for her tour recently on "Kawaii International."

Judy Chou

Taiwanese stylist, blogger, MC on fashion TV program, Judy Chou is one of Kawaii Leader. She is one of the top fashion icon in Taiwan.


1st Round Kawaii Leader, Marie is working as a model. Marie have joined the visit to Japan with other Kawaii Leader have visited and also have been a reporter during JAPAN EXPO in Paris for "Kawaii International."


1st Round of Kawaii Leader. Mio have been on the Runway while the visits in Japan. Mio had experience of winning Grand Prize on Fashion Coordinate Contest.

Mila de Bois

2nd Round of Kawaii Leader. She became Kawaii Leader in 2015. Mila had experienced to right a report for "KERA" magazines, while her stay in Tokyo.


2nd Round of Kawaii Leader, Katy was discovered through "Kawaii International" show. Katy is now pursuing her dream to learn fashion and is in Japan for studying!


Kacey is a third round Kawaii Leader. She is a fashion design student in NY. Kacey won two prizes in the Mix-it-up Kawaii contest: the Kawaii.i B Prize and the Kawaii International Second Prize.


One of 3rd Round Kawaii Leader, Kazumi is one of the administrator of 'Entre dulces y encajes' Lolita Group of Bolivia. She is also a host of 'Harajuku La Paz'. Kazumi holds the workshops and seminars in Bolivia. Kazumi won Kawaii.iC Prize winner on Mix-it-up contest.


Kawaii.i found our 3rd Round Kawaii Leader Beckii through contest. She won Kawaii.i A Prize winner of the Dolly contest. Beckii is known as a blogger and introducing Japanese fashion and styling.


One of 4th Round Kawaii Leader, Kelly is a YouTuber. She introduces various subject through her channel starting from make-up tutorials to anime character extended videos.


One of 4th Round Kawaii Leader, Katie is one of the organiser of "Kawaii Tokyo girls and boys". She has been helping and appearing on "Kawaii International" many times.

YUYU monster

4th Round Kawaii Leader, YUYU monster introduces her Kawaii fashion style on her SNS and some tutorials videos.


The 5th Round Kawaii Leader is Pixielocks, a kawaii-fashion vlogger. She¡¯s an online sensation, who calls YouTube home.

Tracy Dizon

6th Kawaii Leader Tracy Dizon is a fashion designer and milliner based in New York. She specializes in creating ¡®modernized traditional Filipino clothing¡¯ integrating her unique Japanese Kawaii style. Alongside her work, she¡¯s raising her 15-year-old son.