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Inside out? Half & half? Let’s check one spo’s unique items!


Say, haven’t you ever been amazed by original clothes like “Wow! Does this kind of design really exist!”? We at the Kawaii.i editorial department have experienced this many times when we visited the onespo shop in Shibuya! Let us show you some examples.


PRICE:T-shirts 3,900JPY, Pants 8,900JPY, Shoes 12,800JPY, Neck-lace 1,900JPY, Pierced earring 1,900JPY, Socks Privately owned by the model.

Maichimu, the assistant from the shop in Shibuya 109 appears here for the first time. This is a unique ensemble of a DISCO T-shirt with a high waist denim combined with tulle. The simplicity of the top strikes a balance with the bottom.

渋谷109店スタッフ まいちむさん(初登場★)が紹介してくれました。DISCO Tシャツとハイウエストなチュール付きデニムがユニークなコーデです。トップスはシンプル目にするとボトムスとバランスが取れますね。

PRICE:T-shirts 3,900JPY, Pants 8,900JPY, Neck-lace 1,900JPY.

The T-shirt, featuring mirror balls, which are an essential fixture of a Disco dance hall, has a bigger fit to be worn loosely. There are many other available images such as cigarettes or mirrors.


PRICE:T-shirts 3,900JPY, Pants 8,900JPY.

The most remarkable aspect of this denim is its design which seems to be inside out. I wonder how the inside looks like. By the way, the waist is elastic s it’s easy to wear.


PRICE:T-shirts 3,900JPY, Pants 8,900JPY, Shoes 12,800JPY, Neck-lace 1,900JPY, Pierced earring 1,900JPY, Socks Privately owned by the model.

The tulle can be removed. You can try several different combination as you prefer.
Here is the version without tulle.


PRICE: Pants 8,900JPY, Shoes 12,800JPY, Socks Privately owned by the model.

This metallic sandal is breathable and perfect for the upcoming season. Its design using thick heels and soft insoles prevents legs from getting tired. These are excellent shoes both cute and practical.


PRICE: Jacket 7,900JPY, Shoes 12,800JPY, Belt 3,900JPY, Pierced earring 1,900JPY, Socks Privately owned by the model.

Let’s move to the next look. A doubled checkered jacket newly arrived in the half & half series, which is onespo’s main style. It is recommended to people who cannot be satisfied with only one pattern.


PRICE: Jacket 7,900JPY, Belt 3,900JPY, Pierced earring 1,900JPY.

The shape of the widely opened collar gives a retro and cute feel to the trendy colored yellow one-piece.


PRICE: Jacket 7,900JPY, Belt 3,900JPY.

With a wide belt, the one-piece seems more compact. You can try to mark the waist to slim down your body line.


PRICE: Shoes 12,800JPY, Socks Privately owned by the model.

These classy loafers are crocodile textured, selected in basic black. Maichimu explained that those loafers have also thick heels and are suitable for walking.


How was this collection of really unique pieces from onespo? We are excited to see how onespo will evolve! I’m sure that you will find special items for you there!


Editor miita

Shop Information:
one spo
SHIBUYA109 4F 2-29-1
Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
*All prices include consumption tax.

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