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Juliette et Justine “ Ange égarée Shanghai maze dance party TEA PARTY IN SHANGHAI “ report!


Gothic & Lolita high fashion brand, Juliette et Justine.
It is gaining many fans inside and outside of Japan thanks to its delicate, airy textile inspired by classical art and its precise sewing technique made-in-Japan.

ゴシック&ロリータのハイファッションブランド、Juliette et Justine。

We will try to convey the atmosphere of the first solo event of Juliette et Justine in Shanghai “Ange égarée Shanghai maze dance party TEA PARTY IN SHANGHAI”

今回は、2019年3月22日に開かれたJuliette et Justine初の上海単独イベント『Ange égarée 上海迷宮舞踏会 TEA PARTY IN SHANGHAI』の様子を少しだけお伝えします!

The dance party began with the fashion show of the new spring summer 2019 collection.


Misako Aoki, the leading model of the Lolita world, looks a spring fairy wearing a fine and elegant dress in blue and white.

ロリータ界を牽引し続ける青木美沙子(Misako Aoki)さん!

The Chinese Lolita model, Xie Anran, looks sweet in a traditional checkered dress.

中国のロリータモデル・谢安然(Xie Anran)さん。

Many more fantastic dresses were on display worthy of the name Juliette et Justine.

Juliette et Justineらしい幻想的なドレスの数々。

This dress expresses elegance even in a dark atmosphere.
It goes perfectly with the edgy hair & make-up.


After the show, it was possible to order items from the new collection as well as buying clothes on display in a special exhibition. In addition, there were a booth for one point make-up by professional make-up artists and testers of the original perfumes under development.


The particular appeal of this party was that participants, wearing their favorite dresses, could directly meet with their admired guests.
Once again, the best dresser was nominated from the participants
At the end, everyone took a photo as a souvenir.


The special movie of the party is available at the official account of Juliette et Justine.
Please go and check it out to immerse yourself in the world of Juliette et Justine.

Juliette et Justine公式youtubeアカウントでスペシャルムービーも公開中。
Juliette et Justineの世界に浸ってみてください。


And guess what! Juliette et Justine has decided to participate to the Comicup24 in Shanghai in June 7th and 8th 2019!
You will not only be able to order popular dresses but also buy other dresses and corsages handmade by the brand’s designers.
Popular dresses will be displayed for you to check.
Registration of VIP membership with special gift is available, too!
Please visit and check Juliette & Justine’s official website or official social media accounts for further information.

詳しくはJuliette et Justineオフィシャルサイト、オフィシャルSNSでチェックしてくださいね。


Juliette et Justine ホームページ https://juliette-et-justine.com/

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