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Exotic brand APOLIA is gaining more fans by the day! Special selection of accessories that work with all styles, simple or flashy


This time, I present accessories from APOLIA, a brand which Kawaii.i editorial department has long been fascinated by. Many people are captivated by the oriental accessories created by the designer Aya Fujisaki, and so am I! Most of the items are unique, reflecting Ms. Fujisaki’s care and passion.


PRICE: Red heart and Cross Earrings 5,500JPY,Yellow rose Earrings 4,200JPY, Black frilled Choker(on the left side) 6,300JPY, Black frilled Choker (in the middle) 6,800JPY.

I start with this series. As you can see, it is difficult to stop looking at these very original items. These accessories are inspired by the models on the pictures presented at the “Beautiful girls with a killing gaze”, a photo exhibition where visitors can enjoy 180-degree stereo camera images by looking into observation windows. Many unique parts imported from overseas are used, mainly from other Asian countries.


This video reproduces the atmosphere of the exhibition on VR.




PRICE: Lantern corridor at Court Earrings  4,000JPY.

These earrings are inspired by lanterns dimly glimmering in the dark. Beautiful Chinese peony flowers illuminate the profile of the person wearing them.  


PRICE: Midnight Bazar Bracelet  8,200JPY.

This bracelet evokes a Bazar, where goods of all eras and countries are gathered. The disparity created by the various sizes of the parts makes the bracelet unique. I especially like the pink cross on the left.


PRICE: Far eastern dancer Choker  6,900JPY.

This choker is inspired by the ornaments that far eastern dancers wear. Vintage parts and foreign beads are beautifully arranged. I saw this exquisitely crafted item with my own eyes and felt it was a real work of art!


PRICE: Secret room of Queen Yang Gui-fei Earrings 4,800JPY.

These earrings represent the hanging scrolls in the secret room of Queen Yang Gui-fei.
The elegantly colored stones of the lower part are beautiful, and they work with all styles, simple or flashy. I personally love wearing this series of earrings!


PRICE: Canopy memoir Earrings 10,500JPY.  

This last piece is an earring called Payung, a type of Balinese umbrella. Its big Indian spangle fringe and the circle of beads are gorgeous. The swinging parts are so exotic and hypnotic to look at.

That is all for this collection of oriental accessories recommended by Aya Fujisaki from APOLIA!




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