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Q-pot. has made a dream collaboration with the world-famous representative Japanese animations!!! Pokémon/Doraemon COLLECTION


We’ve found the cutest items at the exhibition of Q-pot., which is a very popular brand with their accessories with sweets motifs!


PRICE: Pikachu Creamy Macaroon Necklace; 9,000JPY, Pikachu Bag Charm; 8,500JPY, Pikachu Cookie Sandwich Necklace; 20.000JPY, Pikachu Chocolat Bag Charm; 7,000JPY.

The collaboration, Pokémon×Q-pot.is out on Saturday, December 8th, and it is based on the very unique concept of: “Caught the Pok?mons with Chocolate Monsterballs, and they have made them into sweets?!.”
All the macaroons, cookie sandwiches, chocolated Pikachu and Eevee give us butterflies!


PRICE: Eevee Creamy Macaroon Necklace; 9.000JPY, Eevee Bag Charm 8,5000JPY, Eevee Cookie Sandwich Necklace; 20,000JPY, Eevee Chocolat Bag Charm; 7,000JPY.

One of the charms that looks like a red fruit is called Zurinomi, an item that you use when you want to catch a wild Pokémon.
These details are the things that count!


This Pikachu printed on the exclusive Shopper&BOX is drawn for this collaboration.
It is only sold at Pokémon-center/Pokémonstore or Pokémon online: it won’t be available at Q-pot., neither at the store or online.



Next, we are introducing you Doraemon collection that are due to be sold around early February, 2019!


It is a memorial accessory to celebrate the release of the Movie “Doraemon: Nobita’s Chronicle of the Moon Exploration“.
The writer of the movie and a Naoki Award winner, Mizuki Tsujimura is a big fan of Q-pot. And because she was also a good friend with the designer of Q-pot., Tadaaki Wakamatsu, the collaboration was settled.

2019年3月1日(金)公開「映画ドラえもん のび太の月面探査記」を記念したアクセサリーです。
脚本を手がけた直木賞作家・辻村深月(ツジムラ ミヅキ)さんはQ-pot.の大ファンで、Q-pot.デザイナー・ワカマツ タダアキさんと親交が深かったこともあり、発売が決まったそう。

PRICE: Cherry blossom Nerikiri Ring: 6,500JPY, Suzumonaka Necklace; 7,5000JPY, ;10,000JPY, Japanese Maple-shaped Nerikiri Ring; 6,5000 yen, Dorayaki Necklace; 9,000JPY, Dorayaki Bag Charm; 7,5000JPY, Paulownia Box; 2,000JPY.

These delicately-made, pale colored accessories with a motif of the Japanese traditional sweets, Wagashi, are very Q-pot.-like: they make sure that all of their products are Made in Japan.
It softens our hearts just by looking at it. These four designs will make you feel the four seasons in Japan. The texture also differs with each charm, so do try touching it! (The Nerikiri had a moist feeling and the Dorayaki felt soft.)

和菓子をモチーフにした淡い色合いと精巧な作りのアクセサリーは、Made in JapanにこだわるQ-pot.ならでは。見ているだけで優しい気持ちになります。日本の春夏秋冬を感じられる4つのデザイン。チャームの質感もそれぞれ異なるので、ぜひ触って確かめてください。(練り切りはしっとり、どら焼きはふんわりしていました)

PRICE: Nobita’s chronicle of the Moon Exploration-themed Pocket Watch Necklace; 28,000JPY

This necklace will make you feel the excitement of the movie!
You can see Doraemon smiling in the back.
It would be a perfect item for a steampunk outfit.

「映画ドラえもん のび太の月面探査記」のワクワク感を懐中時計に閉じ込めたようなネックレス。

©Fujiko-Pro,Shogakukan,TV-Asahi,Shin-ei,and ADK 2019



Pokémon×Q-pot.: COLLECTION  Pokémon online

Doraemon×Q-pot. COLLECTION:  Q-pot./ Q-pot CAFE.表参道本店
3-4-8 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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