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Very popular bags with a real something! We will introduce you some G2? ‘s retro look.


PRICE: Blouse 6,800JPY, Skirt 7,800JPY, Bag 36,800JPY, Shoes 5,300JPY, Head-dress 16,800JPY, Earrings 3,900JPY, Socks Privately owned by the model.

Let’s start the second article about the vintage shop, G2? At Ura-Harajuku. The staff of the store, miku, shares her outfit idea with a retro feel. The two colors, white and navy, are pulling the whole look together. She recommends to add headdress to the look, for a more retro style.


PRICE: Blouse 6,800JPY, Skirt 7,800JPY.

With the blouses, white and lace ones are especially popular. This blouse has no collar, and the lace covering her neck is making it look very classical.Wearing it with some bottoms with vivid dark colors such as blue or black, will accentuate the white color.


PRICE: Blouse 6,800JPY, Skirt 7,800JPY.

The V shaped design of the skirt makes your waistline look slimmer. The white piping and the lace goes very well with the blouse of the same color.


PRICE: Blouse 6,800JPY, Skirt 7,800JPY, Bag 36,800JPY.

This is a very rare bag that has 3D ballerina printed on. You can make a rather-quiet-outfit more stylish with an unique item like this.


PRICE: Blouse 6,800PY, Skirt 7,800JPY, Bag 23,800JPY.

Here we have another unique bag to introduce. This 1960s’ ENID COLLONZ’s handbag catches eye with the glittering bijoux.This flamboyant bag would be the main attraction of an outfit for sure – it will make your outfit so much more enjoyable. The stern fabric will keep its shape nicely. These rather showy items is best when you want to add effortless style to your outfit.

もうひとつのユニークなBagをご紹介です。きらびやかなビジューデザインが目を惹く1960年代の”ENID COLLONZ”のハンドBag。華やかなBagはコーディネートの主役にぴったり。グッとコーディネートを格上げしてくれます。生地がしっかりしているため、床などに置いても形が崩れません。このようなやや派手目なものも抜け感を出すのに適しています。

PRICE: Blouse 6,800JPY, Head-dress 16,800JPY, Earrings 3,900JPY.

There are some three-dimensional flowers attached to the tule – I think we’d all appreciate how beautiful this design is even if you’re not very interested in headdresses.Letting the tule cover your face a little bit will add mysterious vibes.


PRICE: Blouse 6,800JPY, Skirt 7,800JPY, Head-dress(white) 15,800JPY, Head-dress (pink) 15,800JPY.

G2? had many flamboyant headdresses with flower motifs like these.Some of them doesn’t have any fixed front or back, you can enjoy wearing those however you like. With those headdresses with a longer tule, it would also be cute folding in.


PRICE: Bag 8,800JPY.

This is the flagship product of the store – record-bag. The record part -which we all though were fake- were actually real. They have different records attached on the front and back, so you can enjoy two designs with just one.


PRICE: Blouse 6,800JPY, Skirt 7,800JPY, Bag 8,800JPY, Head-dress 16,800JPY, Earrings 3,900JPY.

You can also make the handbag into backpack or shoulder bag with the attached shoulder strap. The wider depth of the bag would come in handy with those of you who like to carry many things – you can easily fit in 500ml-plastic bottle!


There were many unique items in G2? that would be hard to find in any other stores. With the headdresses, you can not only wear it to make your outfit retro, but you can also use it for costume outfits – we highly recommend!


Editor miita


Jingumae-Building 2F

3-22-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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