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Have you ever worn headdresses before ? – we will show you G2? ‘S iconic outfits!


PRICE: One-piece 12,800JPY, Bag 13,800JPY, Shoes 6,400JPY, Head-dress 17,800JPY, Earrings 3,900JPY, Socks Privately owned by the model.

As Japan becoming more and more autumnal, the theme for this article will be: “outfits with autumnal accessories.” The staff of G2?, miku, has showed us some outfit ideas for the fall – the lengthy one-piece dress in the autumnal wine-red color and the headdress is matching very nicely. The dress made of velour fabric is best for the upcoming season.


Going through the crosswalk from the exit of Harajuku Takeshita-street, go straight, and you’ll find a colorful store on your left – this is the vintage shop, G2?.


PRICE: One-piece 12,800JPY, Bag 13,800JPY, Shoes 6,400JPY, Head-dress 17,800JPY, Earrings 3,900JPY, Tights Privately owned by the model.

Inside the store is filled with G2?-like items such as clothes, shoes, and accessories (and it also smells kind of good). I also personally go to this store quite often – a pair of lace gloves that I’ve worn with my furisode ( a type of kimono worn by women at the coming of age day) was from this store.


PRICE: One-piece 12,800JPY.

Let’s take a close look at Miku’s outfit! The flower pattern makes the chic-colored dress flamboyant. The fine ribbon attached higher than the waist makes the silhouette look more beautiful.


PRICE: One-piece 12,800JPY, Head-dress 17,800JPY.

The back looks like this. The store gets these vintage dresses from America and most of them are quite lengthy. They’ve told us that they cut the edge a little bit before selling it if it was too long. I’ve also, once bought a vintage dress that seemed only a person with more than two meters tall would fit…With G2? There would be no worries about that!


PRICE: One-piece 12,800JPY, Head-dress 17,800JPY, Earrings 3,900JPY.

There were many headdresses at G2?. They’ve told us that many of the customers buy them for some special occasions like parties or the Coming of Age Day-ceremonies. When I told her that I like vintage items and that I want to try out wearing those vintage headdresses, miku told me how to wear it – letting the tule cover your face a little bit – is how she recommends to wear these kind of headdresses.


PRICE: Head-dress 17,800JPY.

These realistic flowers and the bigger-sized ribbon is very pretty. The ribbon made of velour fabric makes the headdress autumnal. The colors are quite chic, so it would go well with those of you with black, or some brighter colored hair. They’ve told us that black headdresses are popular because it goes well with anything. Check out the next article where we introduce another headdress!


PRICE: One-piece 12,800JPY, Bag 13,800JPY.

Classical one-piece dress and a smaller bag goes very well with each other. As well as the headdress, the flower motif pulls the whole look together.


PRICE: Shoes 6,400JPY, tights Privately owned by the model.

A simple, black shoes would make it easier for you to wear in various outfits. The white lace tights are making it look more elegant.


For the earrings, these bigger ones are popular. There are also many original ones that wouldn’t be able to find if it wasn’t a vintage item. If you are someone who wants to have your very own style, these vintage items are for you.


How was G2? ‘’S outfit for the fall? I’m sure many of you have gotten interested in vintage items and headdresses! Find your autumnal item at G2? !


Editor miita


Jingumae-Building 2F

3-22-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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