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For the Halloween season! Swankiss ‘s one-piece dress outfit for going out!


We had Swaskiss at SHIBUYA 109 to create this fall’s recommended outfit. The staff of the store, Hikapuu, or Hikaru Mizusima has worn this cute trench-like one-piece dress with bear patterns that looks like chocolates and cookies! The pearl belt buckle is spicing up the outfit nicely.



The cuffs are made with frills. It is designed to be a bit longer – how your fingertips hide and appear beneath those frills are so cute! Also, the collar being wide open like that of a trench coat, your neckline will look nice and neat.


PRICE: velours fur shoes 12,000JPY

As of a buckle item with pearls, here’s another recommendation; these lovely heels that resemble ballerina’s pointe shoes. It is an extravagant item with the use of pale pink velour fabric, furs, satin ribbons, and some plenty of sparkly glitters used gorgeously, but still elegantly.



Looking from the side, you can see all the sparkly glitters on the heels! These will definitely be an eye catcher in the crowd!


PRICE: nurse O/P 11,000JPY, velours fur shoes 12,000JPY

The Halloween season we’ve been waiting for! Are you ready for a costume party? We’ve found some fun items that would work both for an everyday use and for your Halloween costumes.


Gothic embroidered apron that matches the frilled nurse’s cap. Wear these items with this espresso gelato-like chic colored one-piece dress, you’re an kawaii nurse!


Matching black ribbon around your neck! Everything is so kawaii.


“What do you mean by ‘both for an everyday use and for Halloween costumes’?” – Actually, these nurse’s cap and apron are detachable.

Doing so…?




PRICE: nurse O/P 11,000JPY, velours fur shoes 12,000JPY

…you can instantly be a kawaii girl! The black switching of the dress in the center and the black belt looks a little bit like a cross? Both have some delicate laces attached to it and it is making it look very kawaii.


Swankiss ‘s  sweet and kawaii clothes like Halloween treats – why don’t you go out to the store to find your favorite item in this exciting season?


Editor Marino


SHIBUYA 109 2-29-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

*All prices do not include consumption tax.



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