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Q-pot. turns into an emergency(QQ)hospital?! Super popular accessories with a motif of medicine and blood!


PRICE: One-piece 37,000JPY, Necklace 9,000JPY, Choker 8,400JPY, Tablet ring 6,800JPY, Meringue ring 4,000JPY, Shoes,Socks Privately owned by the model.

People all over the world enjoy Halloween – Japan has some collections of kawaii Halloween items as well. For this years’ Halloween season, we are featuring Q-pot. Omotesando store. The staff of the store, naomi’s recommended Halloween item is this whipped cream-patterned one piece dress: the hem of the dress spreads out when you tie the ribbon. The wavy collar is very Q-pot.-like and kawaii!

世界中で楽しまれているハロウィンですが、日本にもかわいいアイテムがたくさんあります。シーズン到来ということで、今回は表参道本店Q-pot. のハロウィン特集です。スタッフnaomiさんおすすめのハロウィンアイテムはこちらです。ホイップ柄のワンピースはリボンを結ぶと裾が広がるデザインになっています。襟が波の形になっているところがQ-pot.らしくてお気に入りです。

Inside the store, you will see some spooky Halloween decorations: it’s not just some normal “Halloween decoration,” To match this year’s theme, QQ Hospital, some spooky-colored medicines and Jack-o’-lanterns with nurse’s cap will await you.

店内は怪しげなハロウィン仕様になっています。といってもただのハロウィンではありません。今年のテーマ、QQ (救急)病院にちなんで不気味な色のお薬やナース帽を被ったかぼちゃが待ち構えています。

Also, you can enjoy a mini-Escape room at the main store in Omotesando. You will be the patient that has been taken to the QQ Hospital trying to escape from the facility. You want to know what happens there? – It’s going to be a surprise!


PRICE: One-piece 37,000JPY, Necklace 9,000JPY, Choker 8,400JPY.

You can detach the collar and the ribbon from the dress as you like. It gets more simple when you wear it without the collar – it will enhance your accessories around the neck. This spooky melty necklace and choker goes well with black or white-based one piece dress.


PRICE: One-piece 37,000JPY, Tablet ring 6,800JPY, Meringue ring 4,000JPY.

The ring on the right is designed with an image of a meringue. The black-colored one is their recommendation for a darker Halloween-vibes. The big statement ring has quite an impact. The two rings on the left side have some dark concepts: the round-shaped one is named “Hopeless” and the other oval-shaped one is called “Dreamless. Wearing these two rings together will be an implication that there are “no hopes nor dreams.”


PRICE: One-piece 37,000JPY.

Looking closely, the whipped cream-patterned one-piece dress is decorated with an elegant shimmering pearl. The tightly designed cuff will make you look slender. The pearl button is also one of the appealing points of this dress,


PRICE: Choker 12,000JPY, Necklace 16,000JPY, Charm 6,500JPY, Hatchet ring 16,000JPY, Melt ring 8,200JPY, Blouse,Skirt,Hat,Shoes,Socks Privately owned by the model.

Next, we will show you one the staffs of the store, mari’s recommendation. She told us that adding red-based items that give an impression of blood will make this black outfit more Halloween-like. The left is a bloody ring that has “made” by accidentally cutting a finger with an axe. When you wear it, it looks like the axe is actually stuck in your finger – it’s a perfect item for a little prank!


PRICE: Choker 12,000JPY, Necklace 16,000JPY, Ribbon Charm 6,500JPY, Tablet Charm 2.5JPY, Blouse Privately owned by the model.

There were many obake(ghost)-chan goods, which is a Q-pot.’s original character. Out of some versions of obake-chan goods, we’d like to introduce you this latest one. When you look closely, there is a strange pill inside her transparent body. Maybe being too late, she is spilling out blood a little…

店内にはQ-pot. のキャラクター、おばけちゃんのグッズがとにかくたくさんありました。中でも今年新登場のおばけちゃんはこの子です。体が透き通っていて、よく見ると怪しげな薬が体内に入ってしまっています。もう手遅れなのか、血が少し出てしまっていますね…。

PRICE: Necklace 16,000JPY, Charm 10,000JPY.

Did you know that you can change clothes of the obake-chan? You can attach coffin to your obake-chan with chains or you can also make her look prettier by adding a ribbon on her head like mari is doing – you can make your own obake-chan like so.


PRICE: Charm 2,500JPY.

You can also connect your obake-chan with these tablets that has the same design as the ones we’ve introduced earlier. By adding these, you can prescribe your poor dreamless obake-chan a dream.


 We have introduced you a little dark Halloween items at Q-pot. Omotesando-main store. There were many accessories that would go well with both, everyday outfits and Halloween costumes. We highly recommend trying those out!

今回はQ-pot. 表参道本店でちょっとだけダークなハロウィンアイテムを紹介しました。普段使いやハロウィンの本格的な仮装にも良く合うアクセサリーがたくさんあったので、みなさんもぜひチャレンジしてみてくださいね。

Editor miita

Q-pot./Q-pot. CAFE. 表参道本店

3-4-8 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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