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Let’s play with mixed patterns in Autumn colors! “feminine mix”-style suggestions by axes femme


PRICE: Blouse 2,900JPY, Skirt 3,900JPY, Shoes 4,900JPY, Head Dress2,900JPY

We had axes femme at Ikebukuro to arrange this autumn’s trend; patterns. The new item, flower-patterned blouse and skirt with suspenders are used for this outfit. The staff of the store, Arisa says, “I’ve picked up brown for the skirt, which is the staple color of axes femme and the flower patterns with frills are also the classic of our brand.”

 池袋にあるaxes femmeで、この秋トレンドの柄ものをアレンジしてもらいました。新作の花柄ブラウスに、サスつきスカートを合わせたコーディネートです。「今年の秋のトレンドとして、axes femmeとして外せないブラウンをスカートに選んでみました。花柄フリルは、axes femmeの鉄板です」とスタッフの岡村さん。

PRICE: Head Dress 2,900JPY

Headdress with a flower motif to match the dress.  It is designed antique-like, with the use of an autumnal  brown and pink.


PRICE: Shoes 4,900JPY

“I’ve matched two-tone colored shoes with the outfit. The oxford and check patterned ones – this year’s popular patterns –  are the new item.  “Mixing patterns to spice up the outfits like, matching flower patterned shirt with a pair of checkered shoes, is this year’s axes femme’s recommendation,” says Arisa.

「靴はバイカラーのものを合わせてみました。今年人気のオックスフォード、チェック柄は今年の新作。花柄シャツとチェック柄の靴、といった柄ミックスをスパイスにするのが、今年のaxes femmeのおすすめです」と岡村さん。


PRICE: Bag 5,900JPY

These suspenders of the skirt are detachable. When you feel like those are too pretty for your liking, you can detach it and make your outfit look more elegant. Then we’ve also matched this bag, which is one of the new items of the season: the velour fabric of the frill part enhances the autumn-feel!


PRICE: Skirt 3,900JPY

The staple, black and deep blue green. The fabrics being not too heavy, you can wear it in the September of Japan, which still gets quite hot.


PRICE: Blouse 2,900JPY

You’ll love wearing the items of the autumn color × summer fabrics in the beginning of the hot autumn in Japan.


PRICE: Bag 5,900JPY

It is also fun to arrange some accessories matching the color of your top. The always popular, black, and wine red – axes femme has been putting effort into wine red items.
バッグも、トップスの色に合わせてアレンジしてみると楽しいですね。定番人気の黒いバッグに、ワインレッド。axes femmeは、ワインレッドのアイテムに力を入れています。


PRICE: One Piece 3,900JPY

How about some parent and child matching outfits with these flower patterns? axes femme also has some great collection of child clothes: there are some axes femme fans that enjoy the brand by wearing the items that resonate with each other, parent and child. You don’t necessarily have to have a matching fabric in the outfits, you can make a match by taking in the same motif!

花柄で合わせて、親子コーデはいかが?  axes femmeは、子供服も充実していて、親子で同じテーマで揃えて楽しむファンも多いブランドです。同じ生地でなくても、同じモチーフ合わせで、アレンジできるのが楽しいですね。

PRICE: Blouse 3,900JPY, Skirt 5,900JPY, Shoes 5,900JPY
She has shared another recommended outfit idea for us. She has matched tule pleated skirt with this lace top. The monotone color makes the outfit kawaii and wearable for adults as well.


PRICE: Blouse 3,900JPY
The top has this year’s trend, voluminous sleeves and the the axes femme like lace and ribbons effectively show your skin a little. She told us that matching cute tops with tight bottoms or lengthy skirts like this is called “feminine-mix” at axes femme. They say that the style is popular for it being elegant but also kawaii at the same time – being easier for the adult women to wear as well.

トップスは、今年トレンドのボリュームそでを、axes femmeらしいレースとリボンで、肌見せアクセントにしています。axes femmeでは、こんな感じに、かわいらしいトップスに、タイトなボトムスやロングで長め丈のスカートを合わせることを、フェミニン・ミックスと呼ぶそうです。フェミニン・ミックスなら、全体で大人めだけれど可愛いコーデになるので、大人の女性でも安心して着れるので、好評だそうです。

PRICE:Shoes 5,900JPY

The sheerness of the lower part of the outfit is also one of the attractions. It is made double-layered with a plain tule fabric and that of a patterned one: just a simple part like this will make your legs look longer.


PRICE: Skirt 5,900JPY

This is the same flower pattern as the former one we’ve just introduced, but the difference in the color makes the whole impression turn around. The small flower patterns are fun to wear because the impression we get when looking it closely and from the distance differs.


PRICE: Shoes 5,900JPY

For the feet, she chose lace socks with lace fabric shoes. Also, can we talk about the details of the shoes?


PRICE: Shoes 5,900JPY

The frills are the attractive point of these shoes. Looking closely, you can see that the wavy pattern of the soles and the frills attached to the top of the heels are matching. They told us that it is popular for them being able to walk stably, although the high heels,  with the thick soles and double straps.


PRICe: One Piece 5,900JPY

The flower pattern motif series also has one piece dress like this. This is a two-way dress that you can detach the collar. There are so many ways to wear patterns. Try these tips out next time!

花柄モチーフシリーズには、こんなワンピースも。 襟が取り外せる、2wayワンピースです。


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