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Checking out axes femme’s Autumn romantic feeling With laces and waist mark.


PRICE: One Piece 5,900JPY, Corset Belt 1,900JPY, Shoes 4,900JPY, Shoulder Bag 4,900JPY, Beret 2,300JPY, Socks privately owned by the staff.

This year’s autumnal lace and patterns – we went to axes femme at Ikebukuro, first floor of SunshineCity apla. axes femme is a brand that has chic, feminine, and classical clothes, party dresses, accessories, shoes, and bags. The staff of the store, Arisa has shared some outfit ideas with us using  the latest item, lace one-pieced dress.

今年の秋らしいレースや柄もの、ウエストマークをテーマに、池袋のサンシャインシティ アルパ1階にあるaxes femmeに行ってきました。axes femmeは、シックでフェミニンなクラシカルスタイルのお洋服や、パーティドレス、アクセサリーや靴・鞄などといった小物を扱っているブランドです。スタッフの岡村さんに、新作のレースワンピースで、コーデを作ってもらいました

Although this dress is  one-pieced, several kinds of fabric is used.  It has some lace and chiffon fabric used together. This ecru-colored one piece dress was remade for autumn in response to the popularity of the no sleeves dress launched in the spring. The switch of the skirt  made with lace reminds us of this years’ trend.


PRICE: Corset Belt 1,900JPY

For the waist mark, she used this brown leather corset belt. axes femme is giving attention to check-patterns. The three velour bottoms in the middle and the collar-like design are eye-catching.

ウエストマークは、ブラウンのレザー素材のコルセットベルトにしてみました。今シーズン、axes femmeはチェック柄に注目。中央に配置された3つのベロア調のボタンと、襟のようなデザインがアクセントになっています


PRICE: Beret 2,300JPY

We’ve placed a cute little beret on the head. It has velour ribbon laced up on the side and it is making it look so girly. The beret is every autumn and winter’s regular item, but this check pattern was newly made this year.



Changing up the belt – it makes the whole outfit seem different. You can enjoy one piece dress like this as well. Using a thinner, pink belt like this will add a romantic feeling to the outfit.


PRICE: Belt 2,900JPY

This belt has flower attached to the side. It adds different feel to the waist mark.


PRICE: Shoes 4,900JPY

For the shoes,  she  picked out brown heel loafers. These are two-way loafers, so you can switch up the tussle -which is easy to detach – with a simple loafer design. The buckle around the ankle is designed luxurious – like an antique picture frame.


PRICE: Shoulder Bag 4,900JPY

We’ve chose this one for the bag. One side of the embroidered butterfly’s wing is rose patterned and the buckle of the belt motif is designed in an antique.


PRICE: One Piece 5,900JPY

The one  piece dress also have other colors in brown and black. You can see the switching of the lace much clearer. The brown one is the new color that has launched this season.


PRICE: Raffle Blouse 3,900JPY, Holter Vest 5,900JPY, Skirt 5,900JPY, Shoulder Bag 4,900JPY, Necklace 2,300JPY

You can style your items with lace and frills like this as well. The waist mark of the jacket and how the lace flares out bring out the feminine feel of the outfit.



Plannig out your outfits gets much more fun with all the new items with autumn colors. Enjoy your autumn taking in lace and chiffons into your outfits !



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axes femme

1F SunshineCity alpa
3-1-2 Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima-Ku



*All prices do not include consumption tax.

*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.



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