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The “clear look” that’s in right now! Romantic Standard’s plastic jacket coordination.


We went to interview Romantic Standard, a select shop located at Ura-Harajuku. This store has tons of kawaii items, and is always crowded with customers. We asked the store staff Yu, to introduce us to “clear look” coordination.

裏原宿にあるセレクトショップ・Romantic Standardに取材に行ってきました。かわいいアイテムがぎっしり並ぶ店内は、いつもお客さんでにぎわっています。今回はスタッフのゆうかさんに透け感コーデを紹介してもらいました。

PRICE: Jacket 8,800JPY, T-shirt 2,805JPY, Skirt 6,200JPY, Belt 2,000JPY, Shoes 7,000JPY, Headdress 2,900JPY, Bag 8,800JPY.

This is a girly and original coordination that uses pink, shiny item and the popular plastic jacket. The jacket is translucent, so it gives it the “clear look”.


There aren’t many stores that have jackets with colorful edges. It’s made of plastic, so you can also wear it as a fancy raincoat.


Other than white, the jackets also come in blue and yellow. All of them are translucent, so you can casually show the “clear look”.


The box bag series is one of the popular items in store, and get lots of phone calls about when someone posts it on their SNS. They come in many different colors and patterns. The classical design is perfect for parties.


These shoes have wide bijou as their one point charm. It made out of PVC, so you can wear it with socks.


Both the checkered skirt and photograph T-shirt has pink, so it matches perfectly. The clear, heart shaped belt becomes a charm point, and wraps up the total coordination.


PRICE: Tops 3,000JPY.

These are some of the other “clear look” items that Yu recommended to us. You can wear T-shirts underneath, and the hoodie goes well with both skirts and pants. It’s long sleeved, but because it’s meshed, you can wear them even in the hot weather.


We asked Yu to show us some of her recommended coordination with the “clear look” as the theme. You can refer to Romantic Standard’s “clear look” coordination to add to your own style.


みなさんもRomantic Standardが提案する透け感コーデをぜひ参考にしてみてくださいね。

Editor miita



Romantic Standard

Watanabe-Building 1F
4-25-35 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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