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Let’s update the clothes to this year’s trend at PVC! Ura-Harajuku, Romantic Standard’s sweet-and-spicy style!


If you walk straight down the Harajuku Takeshita street, there is a crossroad right near LaForet Harajuku. If you continue walking down the road near Murasaki Sports, you will find Romantic Standard. It is a select shop that is popular in the Ura-Harajuku area. We asked the store staff, Nana, to tell us about this time’s theme, PVC coordination.

原宿駅竹下通りをまっすぐ歩いていくと、ラフォーレ原宿のある交差点があります。そこからムラサキスポーツの脇にある道を進んで行くと、Romantic Standardはあります。裏原宿エリアでも人気のセレクトショップです。今回はPVCコーデということで、スタッフのななせさんにおすすめコーデを教えてもらいました。

While adding a sweet taste with the pink top, the checkered skirt and silver accessories give it a spicy look to the coordination. How did she use the PVC item to the look? Let’s give it a closer look.



PRICE: T-shirt 3,000JPY, One-piece 3,000JPY, Skirt 4,200JPY, Belt 2,000JPY, Shoes 10,200JPY, Hat 2,800JPY, Bag 3,500JPY, Accessories Privately owned by the model, Chick 1,800JPY.

First, let’s look at the one-piece dress. This is one of the popular items that come in and gets sold out quickly. (I also saw it on Twitter and instantly went out to go buy it.) Underneath as the layered clothing, the compact top and bottom like the one Nana is wearing is perfect.


The one-piece dress also comes in orange. It’s great for people who aren’t satisfied with black, and want a little bit more color to their look.


We tried putting in a fake chick into the bag. By adding a bag to the coordination, it instantly gives it a summer-like look. It’s pretty small, so you can wear it more like an accessory. How you can out jewelries and scarfs to create your original bag is what’s great about the PVC items.


The shoes may look orange at first, but it’s actually clear. You can change the color of the socks to change the look of the shoes, and it’s perfect for this season. You can enjoy a variety of coordination just with these shoes. My favorite part are how the heels are clear, which gives it a cool look.


These compact tops also match the PVC material one piece dress that we just shown. Instead of wearing the one piece dress, you can also wear a harness. There were lots of China motif items in the store.


PRICE: Sunglasses 1,500~2,800JPY.

Lastly, we will introduce you to trendy accessories. There were lots of sunglasses in the store. They come in many colors and shapes, and it’s hard to choose one. Each one costs around 1500 yen to 2800 yen, so it’s not too pricey. 


How were the Ura-Harajuku coordination that uses PVC items? Romantic Standard does not limit the genre of clothes that they handle in the store. Let’s continue to follow what different items that they hold in store every day. We hope that everyone can enjoy their very own PVC coordination.

PVCアイテムを取り入れた、裏原宿コーデはいかがでしたか?Romantic Standardはジャンルにこだわらず、さまざまなアイテムが毎日入荷しているのでこれからも注目していきたいと思います。みなさんもぜひ自分だけのPVCコーデを楽しんでください。

Editor miita


Romantic Standard

Watanabe-Building 1F
4-25-35 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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