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So instagenic! We visited “the world’s most kawaii” pink cityscape!


We’ve heard that another new store of moreru mignon – speciality store of print sticker machines with the concept of  ‘“the world’s most kawaii” PURI (Japanese photo booth) store’ – has opened at the commercial facility in Tokyo Disney Resort ®️,  Ikspiari ®️ (Urayasu, Chiba prefecture): we had to check it out to tell you all about it!

「”せかいいち、かわいい”プリのお店」がコンセプトのプリントシール機専門店moreru mignon(モレルミニョン) の新店舗が、東京ディズニーリゾート®内の商業施設「イクスピアリ®」(千葉県浦安市)にオープンしたと聞きつけ、行ってきました!

 PURI(print sticker machine), is a machine that makes the pictures into stickers. It came out in Japan in the 90s and it has been taking in “moreru / photogenic” photo editing technologies such as making the eyes bigger, airbrush processing, letter typings, and etc. What is especially significant about moreru mignon is that you not only get to take PURIs, but you can also take selfies in the cute cityscapes built in the store.
For us, the member of the editorial department who are wanting to be photogenic, AND also Instagenic, we couldn’t miss it!

プリントシール機(以下、プリ)とは、日本で90年代から登場した写真をシールにしてくれる機械で、デカ目や美肌加工、文字入れなど、 “モレる”画像加工をいち早く取り入れてきました。なかでもmoreru mignonは、プリを撮るだけでなく、店内に作られた町並みの中で、セルフィーを撮影することができる施設なのです。


This is the store of moreru mignon. We got so excited by this extra cute appearance!

こちらがmoreru mignonの店舗。ひときわ可愛らしい外観にテンションがあがります。

There are pink cityscape inside the store!


Looking up, there are pink!


The floors are also pink!!


Everything’s pink, everywhere you look!!!



Let’s get ready for the shoot – you can do touch ups  at the make-up salon. You can also get props at marche mignon for your pictures such as candies, or color contacts.



Now let’s start the photo shoot. Starting with the pink cityscape.
Retro televisions are placed all over the wall… so kawaii!



Here’s another retro telephone…kawaii!!


In this room you get to enjoy the Alice-vibes…kawaii!!!



Being amped up by the cityscapes, it’s about time for taking PURIs! There are always four to six kinds – twelve machines in total – of PURI machines at moreru mignon, Maihama Ikspiari store.  We’ve heard that it’s rare to  have this many popular kinds of PURI machines gathered in one place.

町並みで気分が乗ってきたところで、いよいよプリの撮影です。moreru mignon舞浜イクスピアリ店には、常時4~6機種12台ものプリ機が並んでいます。こんなに人気機種が集まっているのは珍しいそう。

This time, we’ve chosen the PURI machine called SUU., which is popular with their transparent stickers that pass through light. The fee is 400 yen per one time. Throwing in some coins into the machine… here we go!


We go into the booth after choosing the color theme from the two options – pink or blue – according to the impression of the pictures you want it to be.


The photo booth looks like this! The light is so bright!


We take some shots following the instructions. It has time limits for each shot so it has this kind of game feeling – making arrangements about posing beforehand and striking those without hesitation is the key.


After the shoot, we move on to editing. There are two sections in the screen and you get to edit two pictures simultaneously. It has time limits here as well -team work and fast decision making is necessary!


Making the eyes bigger~


Putting some stamps on ~


Select your choice of layout, and it’s all ready to be printed out!


Ta daaa! You can also have these pictures as a data from the QR code printed on the sticker.


You can cut and share the pictures with your friend. Where should I put these stickers on?



The finished product turned out to be like this!
The eyes are bigger! The face is smaller! The skin in flawless!
So genic…!



What did you think? It was such a dreamy place with everything being pink and girly.
You can enjoy taking PURI almost like playing games, you might want to take it over and over.

いかがでしたか? 店内全てがピンク色でガーリーなフォトスポットという、夢のような空間でした。

Other than this store at Maihama Ikspiari, moreru mignon has two stores at SHIBUYA109 and Tokyo Soramachi. (August, 2018)
Why don’t you go to these stores to take some instagenic pictures?

moreru mignonの店舗は舞浜イクスピアリ店のほか、SHIBUYA109店、東京ソラマチ店の3店舗があります(2018年8月現在)。


We will be posting some other shots of the PURI, don’t miss it♪

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