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September 7, Fri. 2018 
#88 Home Sweet Home: Creative Tokyo Living

Tokyo is a fast-paced, neon wilderness and, at times, really does feel a bit like living in the future. Newsflash from the future: Tokyo living is a crowded! Apartments are on the small side and when you factor in a vast collection of clothing and accessories … this isn’t the future, at all! This is a giant game of Tetris! Grab your notebook because class is in session. By the time this episode is done you’ll feel like you’re living in a palace. Oh, and don’t worry, sacrificing your kawaii aesthetic is not an option.

September 14, Fri. 2018 
#83 Tokyo Sneaker Heads: What’s on the Street

Spring is the time of change and there are big changes in the cards, for Kawaii International. Misha’s been pretty blue since Melody’s departure… Plot twist, we’ve invited Lolita fashion icon and YouTube sensation, Rin Rin Doll to come hang out for a while! Recently, sneakers have been popping up on high fashion runways around the world. In Tokyo, sneakers are a cornerstone in the start of Harajuku street style, and their importance has lasted the test of time. It’s no surprise that Tokyo sneaker heads take their collections very seriously. The ladies chat with a few of Tokyo’s most prominent sneaker heads who have kicks so rare that they’ll break the bank, and the Internet. Plus, don’t miss this edition of KawaiiIRL, where we get a peek into the life of our 5th kawaii leader, the technicolored Canadian YouTube star, Pixielocks.
And after watching the latest Kawaii Tutorial, you’ll never throw away another bottle cap!
Get into it!

September 21, Fri. 2018 
#90 We’ve Got Kawaii in the Bag

It is a known fact that a woman does carry an evening bag at dinner time. Truthfully, we live in the busiest times in the history of the human race. You shouldn’t get ready, you need to stay ready. The sheer volume of necessary products and items, no matter your profession or gender, can be shocking and, if you’re not careful, just end up a giant mess. Join us as we learn how to put every inch of space to use, in any bag, that’ll keep you ready, to walk into the room purse first.

September 28, Fri. 2018 
#91 Upcycle Your Kawaii

Growing up outside of Japan, being wasteful was frowned upon but there wasn’t a big deal. Meanwhile, Japan has a long history of not being wasteful. It even has its own word! Mottainai! Why let anything go to waste, when you can take whatever you have and make the most of it! Take that trash, and turn it into treasure! Misha and RinRin have some treasures in the studio while Mr. Yabatan is on the road again and you won’t believe where he ends up! Care for sushi in a sento?


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