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galaxxxy ‘s outfit for the summer vacation! Gather around, pattern-lovers!


We’ve interviewed the main store of galaxxxy at Shibuya. The staff of the store, Ms YaNe introduced us some unique outfit ideas for the summer.


PRICE: Tops 5,800JPY, Skirt Hat, Shoes Privately owned by the model.

The flare skirt matches perfectly with the fitting top. I personally love the rather thinner borderline and the neckline of the top.


This top, which is one of the new items, would attract the most attention in your outfit. The voluminous cuffs with frills will hide your upper arms a little bit – it is nice that you can wear it without having to worry about it if you don’t particularly want to show your upper arms.


PRICE: Tops 5,800JPY, Pants 7,800JPY, Shoes, Accessories, Hat Privately owned by the model.

Other than the purple one, there are some color variations in green and black. Each of the color combination of the border and the collar are very original.


The measuring tape-pattern of this skirt is very kawaii. Looking closely, some of the measuring tapes are heart-shaped. The shiny satin fabric of the skirt also goes well with the simple top.


Both top and bottom have patterns, but the pink color is putting the two together nicely. We recommend wearing skater skirt for the bottom!


PRICE: Tops 4,800JPY.

The fabric used for this pop T-shirt is rather firm to make the candy pattern stand out. It would look nice with denim bottoms.


PRICE: Blouson 7,900JPY, Pants 7,800JPY.

This blouson with much sheerness is one of the very popular items. You can have fun by changing up the things you wear inside. The size is made rather bigger, so you can wear it loosely.


What do you think of the summer outfit ideas from galaxxxy? The hot days still continue, so try taking in these outfit ideas! We recommend going to the main store at Shibuya which is full of galaxxxy-like colorful designs inside.



Editor miita


10-18 Maruyama-Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

We will show you an unique summer outfit from galaxxxy, main store at Shibuya! The flare skirt matching perfectly with the fitting top. A rather thinner borderline and the neckline of the top is the favorite!



*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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