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galaxxxy ‘s cool looking outfits for summer!


galaxxxy is one of the most famous Harajuku-fashion shops. The brand is very popular among teens and twenties, not only in Japan but also in many other countries. We interviewed the main store at Shibuya. The staff of the store, Ms YaNe introduced us their recommended summer outfit ideas.


PRICE: Tops 5,800JPY, Pants 7,800JPY, Shoes, Accessories, Hat Privately owned by the model.

galaxxxy has launched sporty outfits, which is trending recently. The glitter knit fabric sparkles under the sun – it will definitely going to be your favorite item of this summer! The rather shorter top and the longer pants will accentuate your figure.


This track pants has buttons on the side. Opening the side a little shows a little bit of your skin – it adds effortlessness to your outfit. The silhouette made rather wider and it is a genderless item.


The big galaxxxy embroidery on the chest gathers much attention. The color of the collar is the same as the pants’ side stripes: we recommend wearing it together.


I really like the silhouette from the back. The glitter fabric is working out nicely – it is not too much but also not too quiet. The hood of the top adds effortlessness to the outfit.


This item has another color variation in blue×pink. They told us that both colors are popular. It is also kawaii worn with fishnet tights, opening the sides of the pants.


PRICE: Tops 4,800JPY.

Ms YaNe introduced us more items for the summer outfits. This top’s pop color combination and the bigger illustration is very galaxxxy-like. The length is rather long, so you can wear it as a one piece dress as well.


The graphic art of the T-shirt is designed by an illustrator, Chiyaji. The motorcycle gang-like tomboyish girls are the motif of the design.



We’ve introduced galaxxxy ‘s cool looking outfits. Let’s survive this hot summer with Ms YaNe’s recommendations!



Editor miita




10-18 Maruyama-Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


The recent trend, sporty outfits from galaxxxy. The glitter knit fabric sparkles under the sun – it will definitely going to be your favorite item of this summer!



*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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