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Do you know that open shoulder top is trending this Summer? How can we make our outfit extra Kawaii with it??


PRICE: Top 5,500JPY, Skirt5,500JPY, Sandals8,900JPY

titty&Co. at Shibuya 109 showed us some outfit ideas using the summery open shoulder top. It makes you look very nice and  slender  with the high-waisted design.


PRICE: Bag 5,900JPY

We matched a bag that has a blue and cool-looking ribbon motif.


PRICE: Tops 5,500JPY

The whole point of this top is the collar. They told us that this item is one of the popular staple items. It is redesigned every year. The flower motif of the collar is making it girly.


PRICE: Skirt 5,500JPY

The skirt has the same design- stripes can also be cute! “This skirt is called bonding tuck skirt and its firm fabric creates voluminous silhouette: it makes you look girly,” says the staff, Kaon.


PRICE: Skirt 6,400JPY

We made the outfit sweet and feminine with the longer skirt. The thick ribbon on the waist makes it more sweeter. Black and white check-pattern is one of the popular items of this year.


PRICE: Sandals8,900JPY

For this time’s outfit, we’ve chosen a pair of sandals that has ribbon attached as well. The strap is a two-way: you can wear it with a normal white one and another ones with pearls.


PRICE: Sandals 8,900JPY

These are the staple items for the sweet and girly girls – platform sandals. The rising tiptoe makes the angle gentle and easier to walk.


PRICE: One Piece 6,900JPY

This is an one-piece dress with a thick ribbon around the waist. As you might have guessed, items with collars are popular this year. Pastel colored checks are very popular this year along with the black and white check patterns.


PRICE: One Piece 6,400JPY

Among the women who love sweet and feminine outfits, longer length is the trend as well. This one also has collars, the lace of the waist part shows your skin a little.


PRICE: Bag 5,990JPY, Sandal 7,900JPY

You can make your outfit more cool-looking with the bags and shoes made of PVC fabric.


Girly, sweet, and cool-looking – get inspired by the trends and take some in to your outfits!



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*All prices do not include consumption tax.





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