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Frills and sheers to make our Summer look cooler? titty&Co. has some suggestions for it.


PRICE: One Piece 7,900JPY, Shoes 8,900JPY

We went to titty&Co. to look for sheer and cool-looking summer looks. This popular one-piece dress is called décolleté-sheer-one-pieced dress: the frill and the sheerness of the embroidery lace are cute.


The sleeves have two-layer frills and the embroidery lace in between is connecting it. The sweetness is just! Actually, the dress is so nice that one of the customers who passed by the store and saw us taking pictures came in and bought one for herself.


Another color variation in dark blue looks more chic and classic. “This one-piece dress has everything that girly girls like; frills, sheerness, and embroideries. You can have it all with this dress,”says the model and the staff of the store,  Ms Kaon.


PRICE: One Piece 8,900JPY, Sandals 8,900JPY

We had her wear another popular one-piece dress that has cool-looking sheerness. This year’s trend, gingham check fabric is used with tulle fabric to add sheerness. Kaon taught us how to style this one piece dress.


PRICE: Hat 5,900JPY

Firstly, we matched straw hat with the dress.  Boater hat is one of the popular staple items from spring to summer. Wear it with a sweet and girly clothes, you can make the outfit more feminine and cute.


PRICE:Cardigan 6,900JPY

We’ve picked a long lace cardigan. We made it girly by matching both, a long dress and a long cardigan. This lace having a big mesh makes it cool-looking even if you’re wearing it. The bell sleeves have been  popular since last year.  

カーディガンは、レースのロング丈を選びました。「長い丈 ☓ 長い丈」で女の子らしく。網目の大きいレースのカーデは、羽織っても涼しい感じに。ベル袖は、昨年に引き続き人気です。

PRICE: Sandals 8,900JPY

These sandals are one of the new items. We picked these shoes with higher heels to match the length of the one-piece dress and the cardigan. It makes you look nice and slender.


PRICE: Waist Bag 4,900JPY

We matched a waist bag, which is popular this year.  It makes the outfit more casual.


There’re many other items with cool-looking colors in the store. Try matching various colors and fabrics to make your outfit cool-looking!


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