Kimono inspired Japanese taste flower pattern, But very summer daily outfit.


PRICE: Tops 13,800JPY, Bag 16,000JPY, Pants and Shoes are privately owned by the model

“Traditional Japan-like items and a cool-looking outfit that makes you feel the season, summer” – Furifu has responded amazingly with our demanding request.
 It looks like a plain white top in the front but actually there is a bold peony patterns on the back. Firstly, we will show you how to make it casual with sneakers and denim.


“Although these traditional Japan-like patterns are quite big, it is easier to take it in to your outfits because it is in the back and there are also tulle-layers attached,” says the staff, Ms. Ishii.


PRICE: Sandals 25,000JPY

We’ve tucked in the chains of the bag and replaced the sneakers to sandals. Simply changing it to sandals makes the outfit more feminine-like. They told us that the bag is specially made to match both Yukatas and western clothes.


PRICE: Round Bag 20,000JPY

Changing the bag to something that has a different shape also changes the tone of the outfit drastically. “Round-shaped bag is sold out every year with a slight differences in their designs,” says the store manager, Ms Matsumoto. Furifu cares about the details – the lining fabric of the bag even has particular patterns.


PRICE: Skirt 18,000JPY

This is a cool-looking purple skirt with the same peony-patterns. This peony-series are created based on the concept of “What  would the Otohime-princess from the Japanese old tale, Urashima-Taro of the  Ryugu-jo Castle wear?,” so there are some fish scale-shaped tulles attached to it.


PRICE: Tops 13,800JPY

This is the same top of a different color: navy blue. The pigment of the flowers and leaves are more chic and it gives quite a different impression.



PRICE: One Piece Shirt 19,800JPY, Bag13,000JPY, Sandals 25,000JPY, Belt 9800JPY, Hair Accessory 3,800JPY

We had Furifu to make another Furifu-like outfit! This ivory shirt dress  made of yoryu-fabric is this year’s new item, and how the cherry pink lining of the sleeves shows when you fold it back is very pretty. The loose-fitting design is making it nice and cool-looking for the summer. This outfit may seem like a bunch of  plain clothes, but there are some Furifu-like twist to it actually.

ふりふらしいコーデを、もうひとつ作ってもらいました! アイボリーの楊柳素材のシャツワンピは、今年の新作で、袖の部分が折り返すとチェリーピンクの裏地がポイントになります。ゆったり感 = 涼しげに見せてくれていますね。こちらのコーデ、一見普通のお洋服に見えますが、実はふりふらしい工夫があります。

PRICE: Obi Jime Belt (帯締め) 9,800JPY

In fact, an Obi belt is used as a belt in this outfit. “ There are also many customers that take in  Obi belt to their western-style outfits, using it as a belt to accentuate their waistlines,” says the store manager, Ms Matsumoto.


PRICE: Kanzashi Hair Accessory 3,800JPY

A Japanese traditional ornamental hairpin, Kanzashi is used for this hairstyle.


The traditional Japan-like clothes that makes you think of the patterns of kimono goes well with the tulle and the chiffon fabrics – it will make your summer nice and cool.


Try out these outfit ideas that use traditional Japan-like patterns and goods to make your summer more enjoyable!


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