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Take In Vivid Colors Like This KIKI2’s Unique Outfit Ideas♪


We went to Koenji’s secondhand clothing store, KIKI2, which is now popular among youngsters. One of the staff members, Ms 723 introduced us to some of the unique outfit ideas.


PRICE: Coat 6,200JPY, Blouse, Sweatshirt, Shirt, Shoes Privately owned by the model.

Going out the South exit of Koenji station, we’ve found KIKI2 alongside the Paru-shotengai-street. This kawaii neon sign should be waiting for you ♪


Inside the store is also super kawaii. It is decorated in the theme of a girl’s room and there were many plushies and toys placed inside the store. They told us that there are some customers that visit the store to take pictures.


This is Ms 723’s suggestion for a vivid -colored outfit idea. The colorful knee-length coat is the main point of this outfit. She told us that choosing a less patterned clothes will make the colorful outfit pulled together.


PRICE: Coat 6,200JPY, Blouse, Sweatshirt, Shirt,Shoes Privately owned by the model.

The coat is quite thin, so you can use still use it when it’s a little chilly. She says she loves how the coat can be worn as an one-piece-style when the buttons are closed.


PRICE: Privately owned by the model.

These sneakers are dressing down the whole outfit. It makes your ankle look slimmer with its high-cut design.  Also, looking carefully, this carpet is designed as a thumb print!


Price: Glasses 400JPY, Blouse, Sweatshirt, Shirt,Shoes Privately owned by the model.

Sunglasses that go with a vivid-colored outfit would be this heart-shaped one. Clear-colored sunglasses are the trend for this summer. Have a try!


PRICE: Skirt(silver) 1,500JPY, Skirt(multi) 3,000JPY

What kind of skirt would match with the vivid-colored top? She told us that the sparkly  skirt in her right hand would go well with the vivid colors for its simplicity.


PRICE: Skirt(multi) 3,000JPY

This cheerful skirt would go well with vivid colors as well. This randomly patterned cute skirt is one of their popular items. The length is rather short, so you can soften the impression a little bit.


Price: Sweatshirt(white) 3,200JPY, Sweatshirt(donut) 2,500JPY

Also, unique sweatshirts are in right now in KIKI2. Those with collars are popular among both men and women. This trainer with donuts entirely printed on is quite a unique one that you won’t see much often elsewhere.


There were many plushies in the store. You could even buy some of it! Soft and fluffy plushies in your room will make you feel at ease♪



We have introduced you KIKI2-recommended vivid-colored outfits.



Editor miita


Sakaeya-Building 1F
2-22-12 Kouenji- Minami  Suginami-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.

*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.

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