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Totally Instagenic♪ KIKI2 ‘s Flamboyant Outfit



PRICE: Blouse 3,200JPY, Skirt 3,000JPY, Shoes 2,200JPY, Necklace 1,200JPY

The staff of the store, Ms 723, Natsumi Arai, introduced us her instagenic outfit idea.
This outfit’s theme is retro-pop. The bright and colorful blouse is the main point of this outfit. Tight skirt is paired to balance with the voluminous top.


PRICE: Blouse 3,200JPY, Necklace 1,200JPY

The blouse having the color pink as well as the skirt, it matches very well. Pairing with something that has the same color pulls the look together. She told us that the white line in the middle makes the outfit standout, and that is one of the reasons why this is her recommendation.


PRICE: Blouse 3,200JPY, Necklace 1,200JPY

The necklace made with these sparkly gems is one of the popular products. They told us that it goes well with either simple or flashy tops. You can tie your necklace in the back and adjust it as you like.


PRICE: Blouse 3,200JPY

Ms 723 picked up a blouse for us that would go with a simple tight skirt. According to her, a patterned and colorful one would match nicely, and it would be better if the cuffs were voluminous.


PRICE: Blouse 3,200JPY

This blouse has a random dots all over it. You can tie a ribbon around your neck with the same fabric as the blouse. Taking in this season’s trend, dot items, would be a nice idea as well!


As you may have all noticed, the inside of KIKI2 is very kawaii. The room expresses their concept of the store faithfully. They told us that the colorful baby bottle in the middle was painted after the original white color. Surprisingly, it was quite light!


PRICE: Lingerie 3,800JPY

They told us that their lingeries are especially popular. However, we recommend it not to wear as an actual “lingerie,” but dressing it down by wearing T-shirts underneath.


There were many lingeries that would go well for the layered-style. We are sure you’ll find your favorite. Last but not least, we will introduce you the item that is totally instagenic.


Price: Rucksack 2,200JPY

Bam! This is a tiger backpack. Its presence in the store was so much that I was determined to show you this from the start. This fluffy tiger with a fine coat of fur cannot be ignored. It looks so real that it looks like it’s about to roar.


How was KIKI2’s instagenic outfits? Let’s try the flashy-kawaii-items taking hints from Ms 723 ‘s outfit ideas!


Editor miita


Sakaeya-Building 1F
2-22-12 Kouenji- Minami  Suginami-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.

*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.

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