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This is how you wear flashy patterns and polka-dot patterns. Koenji mocha has taught us tips on creating outfit with flashy patterns.


PRICE: Blouse 4,600JPY, Belt 1,500 JPY, Skirt 6,900JPY, Shoes Privately owned by the model.

mocha at Koenji has various kinds of kawaii things. The manager of the store, Miki Tajima has suggested some outfit ideas for us. The skirt is bold and flashy, with plenty of polka dots and geometric patterns. This outfit is focused on genic color: the belt is used as a decorative accent that connects the romantic lavender colored top and the geometric patterned skirt.

ジャンルにとらわれずかわいいものをセレクトする mocha高円寺店で、店長の田隝美樹さんにコーデを紹介してもらいました。ポイントは、水玉や幾何学模様がたっぷり入った、大胆な派手柄のスカートです。ジェニックカラーを基調としたこちらのコーデは、ロマンチックなテイストのトップスと幾何学模様のスカートをつなげるベルトがアクセントになっています。

PRICE: Blouse 4,600JPY, Belt 1500PY

Cotton lace blouce is a must-have. Matching with the flashy skirt, it helps make the outfit a little feminine. This lavender color has made a first appearance in mocha. Also, the puff-sleeves will make you look slender.


PRICE: Skirt 6,900JPY

This unique skirt with various graphic symbols such as polka dots, arrows, and mesh patterns, is a new item that has just been arrived.


PRICE: Skirt 6,900JPY

We found the same skirt in different colors which is even more colorful. They recommended wearing it with a white top to match the skirt, which is white-based.  The eye-catching skirt will definitely going to be the main piece of the outfit. What kind of bag should we have for this?



This is the bag that Miki recommends! It is a retro double belt bag. The yummy milk chocolate color complements the outfit.


This one is glossy and embroidered. It will also work as a shoulder bag. It has a clasp and it looks like…a lipstick! You can fasten the bag with this lipstick attached with chains. They say that it is one of the popular items.

こちらは刺繍入りのつやつやなバッグです。ショルダーバッグにもなる優れもの。留め具はなんと… リップなんです。チェーンがついたリップを上からさして留めるようになっています。このバッグも人気商品だそうです。

PRICE: Blouse 3,500JPY, Skirt 3,900JPY

Surprisingly, Miki has more outfit ideas to recommend! The lace blouse and the red wine-colored skirt are matching very well. Actually, when you look at it closely, both the top and the skirt have patternes.


PRICE: Blouse 3,500JPY

This is a sweet and girly outfit with lace and gingham checked design. The delicate design of the white lace was so cute, that one of the interviewer has actually bought this item after the interview. The design of the sleeves is also ingenious: the sleeves are squeezed!


PRICE: Skirt 3,900JPY

Taking a closer look, you can tell that the skirt has polka dot patterns. The pattern being subtle, it can go well with a patterned top. The polka dot pattern is a trend of this season. Noted!



This unique item is a combination of two of the most popular trends now : polka dot patterns and denims. Even if you tend to avoid short denims that reveals your legs too much, it should be fine wearing this one. I am also one of those people who usualy avoid wearing it.  Until this time, I didn’t own any of it but I decided to buy this one!



AND, this frilled asymmetry skirt and the top with squeezed sleeves should be very attractive for those of who like girly clothes. The lavender colored flower pattern has green piped edge: the design is very well thought-out. The set available with this price is definitely a steal!


PRICE: T-Shirt 2,900JPY, Skirt 5,900JPY, Gown 3,900JPY

The last outfit has a mysterious feel with a dark-blue cardigan made from tulle fabric. They told us that this pattern with people’s face on is popular in mocha.

Have you enjoyed the outfit ideas with patterns? We hope you get some inspirations out of it!





Editor BB & miita

Aoki -Building 1F
3-57-9 Kouenji- Minami  Suginami-Ku, Tokyo

*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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