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Have you tried your spring coordination in White? Add sweet and light pink, make your outfit more womanly and sexier. Suggestion from Delyle NOIR.



PRICE: One Piece 6,900JPY, Jacket 9,500JPY, Shoes 10,800JPY

Feel the spring with white! We styled up biker jacket with white one-piece dress. This jacket is a new product: the matt suede fabric and the light pink color creates an impression of a woman that is cool and feminine.



PRICE: One Piece 6,900JPY

It looks separate, but it is actually one-piece. The top is made of a matte fabric with cache-coeur design and the skirt part is made of a lace fabric. The switch is done rather higher, so it can make your legs look longer.


One of the recommended points is the design of the waist part that reveals your skin. The pattern of the lace is rather large, so it can still look gorgeous with the plain white color.


PRICE: One Piece 6,900JPY

One-piece is a go-to item that does the job for you. Beige and black would be easy to mix and match as well.


PRICE: Shoes 10,800JPY

The shoes are also the important point when it comes to making your legs look longer. The length of the heel and the strap is the classic style of Delyle NOIR. The lace fabric makes it appropriate in both formal and casual look.

靴ももちろん、脚長効果のポイントのひとつ。この靴のヒールの高さとストラップは、Delyle NOIRの定番です。レース生地なので、大人コーデからカジュアルコーデまで合わせられます。


PRICE: Jacket 9,500JPY

The jacket has color variations. The light and quiet color adds an airy spring feel to it.


PRICE: Bag 7,900JPY

We matched the bag that is one of the popular items of Delyle NOIR. Having this elegant designed bag makes you look more polished.

Delyle NOIRの人気アイテムでもあるバッグを合わせてみました。上品なデザインのバッグを持つだけで、エレガントな雰囲気がアップしますね

PRICE: Coat 11,800JPY

We added a coat to the outfit. The gray, check pattern and the asymmetry designed edge pull the whole look together.


Sexy and womanly. Simple but gorgeous. Spice up your look, just by adding outwear. We hope you are inspired by these outfit ideas.


Editor BB

Delyle NOIR

4F SHIBUYA109 2-29-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.

*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.




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