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How do you coordinate big flower print on your one-piece dress? Bright and cheerful Spring coordination by Delyle NOIR.


PRICE: Coat 11,800JPY, One Piece 7,900JPY, Shoes 10,800JPY

We went to Delyle NOIR to find some bright and feminine coordination. Akane, who is also a model of the brand, is wearing a big flower patterned one-piece dress with a trench coat. The asymmetry design of the coat pulls the whole look together.

華やかでフェミニンなコーディネートを探して、Delyle NOIRに行ってきました。ブランドのモデルもつとめる、原茜さんが着てくれたのは、大きめの花柄のワンピースを、トレンチコートに合わせたコーデです。コートのアシメトリーのデザインが、コーデをシャープに引き立ててくれます。


This trench coat is a two-way: you can wear it with a belt, or you can make it look like a ribbon. It creates a whole different feel.


PRICE: One Piece 7,900JPY, Shoes 10,800JPY

The length of the one-piece dress is the classic style of Delyle NOIR. The rose pattern with a dusty pink color gradation reminds us of watercolor paintings and it gives us a sense of mature elegancy.

ワンピースの丈は、Delyle NOIR 定番スタイル。ダスティピンクが、まるで水彩画のようにグラデーションに入ったバラの柄は、大人で上品なニュアンスを伝えてくれます。

One of the recommended points is the cut up back, which reveals a little bit of skin.


PRICE:One Piece 7,900JPY

Another color variation, blue, gives us a fresh impression.


PRICE: Jacket 8,900JPY

We styled denim jacket with the dress. It can be worn as an off-shoulder, which is this year’s trend: you can have it as a normal wear as well.


The back of the jacket is designed to show your skin. It is one of the trends of this year.


PRICE: One Piece 7,900JPY, Corset Belt 3,800JPY

Just by wearing a belt, you can change the impression of the former one-piece coordination greatly.


PRICE: One Piece 7,900JPY, Belt  3,800JPY, Coat 11,800JPY

PRICE: Mirror 3,800JPY, Coin Case 3,800JPY,

Adding the same patterned goods like mini bags or mirrors to the outfit might make you enjoy the spring even more. We hope you have fun with this bright and cheerful, voluminous floral coordination this spring!


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Delyle NOIR

4F SHIBUYA109 2-29-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.

*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.




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