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Arranging in dusty pink! How do you take in the trend color with frills and swaying parts ?



PRICE: One Piece 7,900JPY, Shoes are privately owned by the model.

Soft, spring-like fashion all in one dress. This year’s trend color, dusty pink, is in use with the swaying fabric and design. DaTuRa’s staff, Mai, will introduce us to a one piece dress coordination.


The small flower prints gives it a natural and mature look. It’s easy to incorporate in  other coordination, and has a soft feeling to it.


The part around the waist stretches, so you can change the length of the skirt. The swaying items like frills and ribbons on the sleeves gives it a spring-like look. 


The sleeves are flared and shaped like a bell, so it’s taking in some of this year’s trends. 


PRICE: Jacket 7,900JPY

If you wear a denim jacket with pearls, it will look something like this. It’s casual, but also girly. The pearls give it a soft look, and matches with the dusty pink color and the small flower prints on the dress.


PIRCE: Bag 6,900JPY

If you use a small, white bag with pearls, it will go well with the spring look.


PRICE: One Piece 7,900JPY

The color of the dress changes the image drastically. The dress also comes in black.



PRICE: Blouse 5,900JPY

There were other items that had dusty pink color and frills. “If you wear this top with nice, clean skinny jeans, it will create an elegant look,” said Mai.


PRICE:  Coat 6,900JPY, One Picece 5,900JPY, Bag 6,900JPY

The trendy pink color also goes well when used on coats like these. The bag we showed earlier would match with this outfit as well.


This spring’s trend is pink, light fabric, drapes, frills, and pearls. Let’s take them in to create fabulous coordination!


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*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.



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