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What about taking in flowers and pearls for girly mood in Spring? DaTuRa introduces girly coordinate to the range of street and casual.


PRICE: Knit Top 4,900JPY, Skirt 5,900JPY, Watch and Shoes are privately owned by the model.

In order to look for outfits perfect for spring, we went to a place full of flower motif items; DaTuRa. What we had the staff, Mai, introduce us to was something we never saw at this store. It was a flower patterned midi-length skirt that had a mature look to it. We tried it with a bottle-neck knitted shirt. 



The pattern on the skirt is old roses. It has a mature and calm color yet the patterns are gorgeous.

花柄には、オールドローズをあしらっています。   大人な雰囲気の色味と華やかな柄になっているのがポイントです

PRICE: Skirt 5,900JPY

This also comes in black, and it gives it even more of a mature look. The fabric is a dark color, so the gorgeous petals stand out even more.


PRICE: Knit Top 4,900JPY

It’s a knitted sweater with pearls, which is so the DaTuRa style. How the pearls are lined up is the charm point. Even if you wear it with pants, it still gives the whole outfit a feminine and spring look.


PRICE: Bag 5,900JPY

If you add a pink and white tote bag, it would look something like this. How the handle is a ribbon gives it a girly look.


PRICE: Jacket 7,900JPY

How about wearing this fake leather peplum jacket? It also gives the whole outfit a mature look if you wear it just on your shoulders.


PRICE: Jacket 7,900JPY, Knit Top 4,900JPYJPY, Short Pants 6,900JPY  

This is the same top, with the same jacket in a different color. It drastically changes the look. We used a denim shorts with laces at the end.


PRICE: Parka 5,900JPY, Pants 6,900JPY

The casual and street style is slowly getting popular these days. For example, this hoodie and pants coordination is simple yet it’s in style. The loose sleeves incorporate this year’s trend, and the big hood makes your face look smaller. The skinny pants make your legs look good as well.

カジュアル&ストリートなテイストも、じわじわと人気がでてきているとのこと。例えば、このパーカ+ パンツのコーデは、シンプルながら、今年らしいデザイン。パーカのゆったりした袖はトレンドを取り入れています。フードも、小顔見え効果のある、ゆったりとした作りです。パンツも、足のラインが見える、美脚スキニーパンツです。

PRICE: from Left: Frilled Top 5,900JPY, Cardigan 5,900JPY, Pants 7.900JPY, Right : Tunic 5,500JPY

There’s all sorts of styles; street, girly, sexy, casual… Trying out new styles for spring might be fun!


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SHIBUYA109 2F2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.

*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.




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