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Flair skirt with flowers, feeling scent of spring! The lace top represents the trend of this season. A recommended styling by MA*RS.


PRICE: Tops 3,900JPY, Skirt 3,900JPY, Shoes 6,900JPY

We had people at MA*RS, located at Shinjuku, create a girly coordination using spring-like flower design and lace top. It is a popular item that many people buy as a set, but the flair skirt is especially popular amongst customers.


The top can be worn in 2 ways; as an off shoulder look and a normal sleeved look.


The end of the sleeve is all puffed up, and that is the latest trend. The sleeves are “moe-sode”, and are made longer on purpose.


The skirt has light pink flowers, giving it a slightly an adult look. The moderate flower pattern is this season’s trend. It’s perfect for spring, and resonate with women’s feelings.


PRICE: Shoes 6,900JPY

The shoes are decorated with laces. It’s laces and bijou, so it goes well with both girly and elegant coordination.  


PRICE: Tops 3,900JPY

The top and bottom both comes in different colors. The tiny flower patterned lace is popular. The impression it gives off changes drastically when the color changes.


PRICE: Bag 7,900JPY

We tried it with a bag. If you use a big pink bag, it gives off a stronger impression of spring.


The inside of the bag is gorgeous, and makes it fun every time you open it. It is the classic MA*RS design, with the pink and black geometrical patterns.


PRICE: Belt 2,800JPY

We used a rose motif belt on the waist, which matches the inside of the skirt. It widens the possibilities for different coordination.


These will be helpful for coordination using laces or flowers!



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