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Spring has come, feeling pink and shiny! What about a casual dress up adding some sweetness with frills and ribbons?


PRICE: Parka&Skirt Set 7,800JPY, Other items are privately own by the model.

We went to MA*RS in Shinjuku to look for pink items that are perfect for spring. Tomomi Maruyama, a model for MA*RS, will introduce us to some of the coordination. The spindle design setup with ribbons is a casual dress up with sweetness added.

春らしいアイテムを見つけに、新宿にあるMARSに、春らしいピンクのアイテムを探しに行ってきました! コーデを紹介してくれるのは、MARSのモデルでもある、丸山知美さん。リボンを使った、スピンドルデザインのセットアップは、カジュアルに甘めを足したアイテム。

The tied-up ribbons are the charm point. Lace-ups are the current trend, and also a classic design for MA*RS. They are used in the spring knitwear as well.


Hoodies and short skirts are casual items, but the ribbon adds some sweetness to them.


The hood uses lace materials, adding some feminine taste to the casualness.


“I like how the black one lets you wear it in a punk style,” says Tomomi. Actually, this is a setup, but you can wear the hoodie as a one piece dress.


By adding a cap, you can change it into a sporty style.


PRICE: One Piece 4,900JPY, Shoes 6,900JPY
MA*RS is also known for their sexy coordination. This may look like a setup, but it is actually a one piece dress with alternate colors; therefore, they are called “teleco one piece dress”. A tight dress with a play in the colors is the classic style for MA*RS.

MARSのもうひとつ得意なスタイル、セクシーなコーデです。こちらは、セットアップに見えますが、実はワンピース・色がテレコに入っているのでテレコワンピと呼ばれています。 タイトなラインのワンピースで、配色で遊ぶのがMARSの定番スタイルです。

The waist has ribbons, so there is no need for belts. You can do all of the styling with this one item. There’s volume on the sleeves, which makes it trendy.


The different version has the orders of the colors upside down. The frill-like line around the hips gives it a feminine and perfect for spring look.


PRICE: Coat 7,900JPY

If you wear a coat with it, this is what it will look like.



The plaid belt can be used to tie the ribbon in the back or tied up in the front, so you can change the impression it gives off. The flared coat looks like a one piece dress, and it’s kawaii!


The belt and cuffs are reversible, so you can change the colors from plaid to beige.


The shoulders are puff sleeves, which adds to the trendiness.


Items with frills and ribbons that lets us enjoy spring. It looks fun to try out all of these different styles!




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