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Getting inspired by 70’s vintage items – MARTE Harajuku


PRICE: One Piece 18,000JPY, Knit Top 4,800JPY, Earrings 5,440JPY

We went to MARTE Harajuku, on a search for a retro style. MARTE handles not only vintage, but also retro items. This is a 70’s themed style that they have styled for us. This is a long one-piece dress with a high waist switchover, which is very 70’s like. Now, can you distinguish the difference between retro and vintage?


Retro fashion could be some patterns and prints that make us picture a certain era, but vintage items are the things that were actually used back in those days: vintage items are often one-of-a-kind.


This sleeve that looks like a flare sleeve at a glance spreads like feather and it is very charming. The inner wear is a secondhand clothing. “A piece of clothes that has been used carefully, each has a special meaning. I love that I get to spear a thought for a girl that have used to wear the clothes.”


PRICE: Earrings 5,440JPY

Because the pattern of the clothes is lively, a rather simple accessory is coordinated. There are quite a lot of simple-designed accessories lined up to accentuate the distinctive patterns of vintage items.


PRICE: One Piece 12,000PY

One more item to recommend would be this one-piece dress if you are going for the 70’s style. It is made of jersey fabric and is comfortable to wear. The 70’s were the age of hippie fashion. Folklore, ethnic, psychedelic patterns and a loose, comfortable wears represents the 70’s style.


PRICE: One Piece 12,000PY, Shoes 10,000JPY

For the shoes, go with colorful heels. One-piece dress can be worn just as it is, or you can also add a belt to accentuate your waistline.  


MARTE has a various kinds of original/consignment goods and accessories that will be best for enjoying coordinating with your vintage fashion.


It’s so colorful and exciting!


The inside of the store looks like a super stylish girl’s room and it excites you just by watching all the items being lined up.


“If you are considering getting your hands on vintage fashion, I recommend starting with something like the one that I’ve introduced you today: the flower patterned one-piece dress that has switchover on the waist,” says RIONA, a staff of the store.




#202  Villa Hase 6-6-11 Jingumae
Shibuya-ku Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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