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What makes it a 50’s fashion? Suggestion from MARTE Harajuku


PRICE: One Piece 16,000JPY, Belt 7,840JPY, Tights 4,200JPY, Shoes 12,000JPY

MARTE in Harajuku introduced us 50’s fashion with their vintage items. “50’s are all about the ladylike style. I’ve put belt as a pop of color to the simple and calm-colored one-piece dress,” says the manager of the store, RIONA.


PRICE: Belt 7,840JPY

“I’ve deliberately used opposite color to the dress so the two colors will complement each other.” –Thanks to the belt, it is also enhancing the walnut button!


PRICE: Belt 7,840JPY

This one is an MARTE original leather belt. They say that the leather naturally develops into a nice distressed look as you use.


Vintage items sometimes don’t fit exactly to your size. If it is too large, you can cover the problem by wearing it like this: dropping the shoulder-part down a little.


PRICE:Tights 4,200JPY, Shoes 12,000JPY

“Since the pattern of the clothes are not that big, I’ve coordinated multi-colored shoes. These shoes neutralize the contrast of the dress and the belt,” says RIONA.


RIONA picked up another 50’s-like outfit for us.


PRICE:  One Piece 12,000JPY, Knit Top 4,800JPY, Shoes 8,300JPY

As the characteristic of the 50’s fashion, there is a more girly style other than the ladylike style-like this fit & flare one-piece dress made of cotton. It is the same plaid pattern but it can get much more girly with this style.


“For the shoes, you can go with the classic color, black, but I recommend having fun with colors when coordinating with vintage items.”


There are also vintage accessories. Each of them makes you feel thier history.


You’ll get so many inspirations just by watching the colorful items all lined up.


MARTE enables you to enjoy styling vintage items from various ages. We can learn how to choose some items and the ways to style from them!



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#202  Villa Hase 6-6-11 JIngumae
Shibuya-ku Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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