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Do you like strawberries? Emily Temple cute suggests fresh and juicy ones for you!


PRICE: One Piece 28,800JPY, Head Accessory 6,000JPY, Socks 3,600yen, Shoes  22,800JPY  

Emily Temple cute SHINJUKU MARUI ANNEX showed us a strawberry themed style. The color of the one-piece dress is sax blue and the red color of the printed strawberry stands out nicely. Apparently, one of the designs of this triple strawberry series is very popular and it has sold out at the preorder stage.

Emily Temple cuteの新宿マルイ アネックス店で、イチゴをテーマにコーディネートしてもらいました。パフスリーブがポイントのワンピースは、サックスブルーの生地に、イチゴの赤が映えています。このトリプル Strawberryシリーズ、予約で完売した人気のデザインもあるそうです。

At Emily Temple cute, strawberry designed items are sold every year. This year’s strawberry item is a skirt that has three strawberries printed on the edge named  “Triple Strawberry Series.” This year, they told us that they have focused on expressing the freshness of strawberry. The white flower of the strawberry is working as a decorative accent.

Emily Temple cuteでは、毎年必ずイチゴ柄のデザインが発表されています。今年のイチゴは、スカートの裾に、イチゴが3個ある「トリプル Srawberry シリーズ」。今年はイチゴのみずみずしさを表現したとのことでした。白いイチゴの花もアクセントになっていますね。

The lace of the collar has strawberry’s seed-like polka dots and it is one of the appealing-point.


PRICE: Head Accessory 6,000JPY

This head dress is also one of the items from the Triple Strawberry series. The voluminous ribbon adds exra cuteness.

ヘッドドレスも、同じくトリプル Strawberryシリーズ。ボリューム感のあるリボンで、可愛らしさをプラス。

PRICE: Socks 3,600yen, Shoes  22,800JPY

For the footwear, we used red to give a feeling of unity. The ribbon and the embroidery of the socks is the appealing point.


PRICE: Shoes  22,800JPY

This pair of shoes is the standard long seller item.


PRICE: Cardigan 14,800JPY

You can add a red cardigan to arrange your style as well. The ribbon on the collar also adds sweetness to the style.


The edge of the cuff is decorated with scallops, the buttons are transparent and the details are cute!


Every year, Emily Temple cute releases many fascinating sweets-patterns. You can refer to it when making a sweets-themed style.

毎年、たくさんの魅力的なスイーツ柄をリリースしている Emily Temple cute 。スイーツコーデを作るなら、ぜひ参考にしたいですね。


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