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Stay sweet ?! We evolve our sweetness! Let’s check out how Emily Temple cute makes it.


PRICE: One Piece 25,800JPY, Blouse 16,800JPY, Socks 3,600JPY, Shoes 22,800JPY, Beret 10,300JPY

We went to Emily Temple cute SHINJUKU MARUI ANNEX to find some sweet outfit. One of the staffs there, Ms. Uchikawa, has worn one of the TAFFY chocolate series, which is this spring’s new arrival. We have styled a beret and a cardigan with it for the chilly days of an early spring.

スイートなコーデを探して、Emily Temple cuteの新宿マルイ アネックス店へ行ってきました。スタッフの打川さんが着てくれたのは、今年の春の新作のTAFFYチョコレートシリーズ。肌寒い春先にもぴったりなコーデとして、ベレー帽とカーディガンを合わせてみました。

“Emily Temple cute’s imaginary patisserie has launched a chocolate menu!” is the concept of the TAFFY series. On the one-pieced dress, there are various designs of little chocolates (TAFFY chocolate) and a menu of the patisserie printed on.

Emily Temple cuteの架空のパティスリーが、チョコレートのメニューを出しました、というコンセプトの、TAFFYシリーズ。ワンピースの柄には、さまざまなデザインの小さなチョコ(TAFFYチョコレート)と、パティスリーのメニューがプリントされています。

We’ve styled a blouse with a stand-up collar. It has color variations in off-white and ivory. Off-white is worn in the picture.


PRICE: Beret 10,300JPY

The beret also has the store’s emblem attached to it. You can feel as if you’ve become a staff at a café.


PRICE: Socks 3,600JPY

Socks can be a lifesaver when you want to spice up your style. It has great color variations.  The recommended points are the glitter in the material and the ribbon with a logo attached to the socks.


PRICE: Bag 15,800JPY

If you want to have a bag with your outfit, you might want to try wearing this beret in gold as well.


PRICE: Bag 15,800JPY

You could switch it up to this brown bag as well, to make your style look more “chocolaty”!


Other than sweets-related items, there are many cute and exciting items in the store!


Emily Temple cute SHINJUKU MARUI ANNEX has marked the first anniversary this year. Excited for a more sweet and girly items to come!
*Please note that there will be some items that would sold out.

Emily Temple cute 新宿マルイ アネックス店は、1周年をむかえたそうです。これからも、スイートでガーリーなアイテムの登場が楽しみですね。
※ 記事掲載時に、完売になるアイテムもあるので、ご了承ください。

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Emily Temple cute 
3-1-26 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Online Shop http://emilytemplecute-shop.com/


*All prices do not include consumption tax.
*Japanese government changed consumption tax from 5% to 8% as of April 1st in 2014.


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