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Sean♥gouk prize♥Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2017 “My Kawaii Personal Style”


gouk Prize’s second winner is Sean Chong-Umeda of the USA!

Thanks to the Kawaii.i Fashion Contest growing popularity, entries have increased yearly. Kawaii fashion is not defined by gender and many male applicants have joined the entries.
Sean is the first male winner in Kawaii.i Fashion Contest history!

Sean Chong-Umeda is a California based, social media specialist. He is also the director of the new project ANIME IMPULSE, a convention style event celebrating the most fascinating aspects of contemporary Asian pop-culture. Never a wallflower, Sean’s signature hot-pink hair and unwavering self-confidence whose love and knowledge for anime, manga, and all things kawaii made this SNS powerhouse an obvious choice for such a demanding role.

His style, which incorporates 和 (wa, Japanese style,) is suited to gouk’s brand concept of using traditionally made Japanese textiles.
Sean was a clear winner, to Kunitomo Takeshi.

gouk’s designer, Kunitomo Takeshi, commented:

I felt that it was very interesting to coordinate a soft color on a masculine face. I was impressed with a unique mix of elegance and feelings reminiscent of samurai. His hair, shoes, and cloak are all pink, but in a very slight gradient. Even in a simple shirt with blue shorts, he carries an air of coolness that cannot be imitated.


gouk awarded Sean with fashion prizes that are unique and incorporate 和 (wa, Japanese style,) that suit his personal style.
Comment of his pleasure is here!

Sean’s Comment:

I was so excited seeing my package arrive at my doorstep.  Knowing that I was chosen out of many to receive clothes from an amazing designer felt like such an honor. gouk, to me, represents this amazing contrast of new meets old, with a central theme of Wa-和.  Everything from what I heard is a combination of a feeling of nostolgia and a reformed sense of elegance that is seemed lost in the modern world. 

Upon opening it, the first item I saw was this amazing Japanese-themed backpack.  This backpack is a beautiful dark grey with blue and green Japanese designs around it.  The central theme of dragons comes to my mind.  This piece is a very elegant piece and reminds me of noblemen and women. A truly dazzling and amazing piece that I will cherish forever!  

The next item I saw was the pants! What caught my eye was the giant flower blossom on the pants. This is such a unique feature to have, giving a typical feminine object onto a masculine clothing item.   Also what surprised me was the length. It cuts at the knee compared to western pants giving it a much more ‘Wa’ feeling.

The white top with pink sakura flowers is my ultimate favorite! Not only is it pink (which i absolutely adore) but again it has a dragon motif with the Blue kimono top. This goes with the whole contradiction of masculine vs. feminine and also east vs. west.

Altogether I am sooooo happy to have gotten to this pacakge from gouk. To be recognized for my efforts from a designer and brand is everything.  I hope I can do these clothes proud.

Described as “Japanese elegant,” follow Sean on Instagram → @seannyboy808

[gouk Brand concept]
This is T. KUNITOMO’s designer, Takeshi Kunitomo’s new casual and mode style brand that uses “wa” as the theme. This brand has two concepts; “Onko-chishin”, (which means the old times gives us a warm feeling and nostalgia, and we should rediscover that part of Japan) and “Kachou-fuugetsu”, (which means the graceful and elegant world within nature. It also points to the profound and deep world).

Also, within gouk’s wa style, there’s “gouk-miyabi”, which is a wa-loli style fashion that has bewitching charm and splendor, or “ENPHA”, and “gouk-samurai”, which is designed based on the image of men who lived in the era between Edo and Meiji.

official site →


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