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Sano♥gouk prize♥Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2017 “My Kawaii Personal Style”


gouk Prize’s first-prize winner is Sano, from Bahrain!

While studying in England, her Japanese roommate introduced her to kawaii fashion, saying that her love of bright fun colors would be a perfect match for kawaii style.

Dressed in kawaii fashion, Sano felt like she had found the look she had been looking for her entire life. She couldn’t get enough and is a self-described kawaii fashion addict.
Currently working as a marketing manager in Bahrain, Sano uses Instagram to showcase her kawaii style.For Sano, kawaii means “do your best,” and it’s safe to say she is!

When asked of Sano’s fashion, Gouk’s designer, Kunitomo Takeshi, commented:

Kunitomo Takeshi, commented:
I got a sense of “flower girl” being the theme of this look, which suits her. The embroidery… I thought that it was very stylish paired with the white shirt and dress. The print has a very traditional Japanese feeling. Mimicking the flowers of her dress, wrapped around her hijab, unifies the look. Overall, the celebration of pastel tones is wonderful.


gouk awarded Sano with clothing that would suit her personal version of kawaii style.
Watch her video and read her comments below


Sano’ Comment:
I’m really happy with them, and I can’t wait to wear some of these outfits around Bahrain and also when I travel. I like that I got a lolita dress but also some very good every day to day items such as the hoodie and the shirt which allow me to add a kawaii touch to my daily outfit!

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[gouk Brand concept]
This is T. KUNITOMO’s designer, Takeshi Kunitomo’s new casual and mode style brand that uses “wa” as the theme. This brand has two concepts; “Onko-chishin”, (which means the old times gives us a warm feeling and nostalgia, and we should rediscover that part of Japan) and “Kachou-fuugetsu”, (which means the graceful and elegant world within nature. It also points to the profound and deep world).

Also, within gouk’s wa style, there’s “gouk-miyabi”, which is a wa-loli style fashion that has bewitching charm and splendor, or “ENPHA”, and “gouk-samurai”, which is designed based on the image of men who lived in the era between Edo and Meiji.

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