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Pixielocks♥Kawaii Leader & Kawaii.i prize♥Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2017 “My Kawaii Personal Style”


This year, our 5th Kawaii Leader winner also won the Kawaii.i Prize!

Canada’s Pixielocks, the colorful YouTube sensation stole your hearts to snatched two crowns! Have you seen her amazing YouTube videos? If not, you’re missing out!

Pixielocks is an avid viewer of NHK World’s program “Kawaii International,” and if you watch carefully, past Kawaii Leaders Kelly Eden and Beckii make appearances on her YouTube channel.

At the age of 12, Pixielocks saw her first episode of Sailor Moon and her love for anime, Japanese culture, and kawaii fashion blossomed.

Hailing from Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province, her bright magical girl style draws a lot of attention but the attention doesn’t faze her because fashion is her greatest passion. She makes a lot of her own clothing and will begin studying fashion design, as a full-time student, in September.



To everyone that voted for me, I am so appreciative and thank you all so much. This means so much to me because Kawaii International, and everyone who voted, are giving me the opportunity to realize so many of my dreams. I am excited to continue to share my love and respect for kawaii culture with the world. It feels incredible and I am so grateful!

I’m so excited! The feathered bag from Bubbles is adorable. It’s really hard, so everything inside will be nice and safe. The cherry earrings, from Honey Cinnamon, are so cute!! I love them so much! The heart shaped glasses are great because spring is coming up. The Sailor Moon mirror is very cute, and really big, so it’s perfect for doing make up. The magazines are fun and also really helpful for me to practice reading Japanese.

Keep an eye on Pixielocks. She’s our 5th Kawaii Leader and has a bright future ahead of her! Check out her YouTube channel and join the ranks of, wait for it… 165,811 followers!
YouTube Channel → Pixielocks youtube


The Video On Demand of “Kawaii International,” #81「It’s a Small Kawaii World」 on which she plays can be seen from HERE! → Video On Demand

Kawaii International #81 「It’s a Small Kawaii World」


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