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Japanese sweets patterned dress is so cute! “gouk 雅 (gouk miyabi)”’s sweet Japanese Lolita Style


The brand “gouk” presents Japanese style from various angles with the concept of Japanese idioms, “Onkochishin (visiting old, learn new) and “Kacyo-Fugetsu (beauties of nature).”They are taking part in the Tokyo Fashion Week and fashion shows abroad. Their fan base is growing. Their sister brand, “gouk 雅 (gouk miyabi)”presents Japanese Lolita style that has a bewitching charms and flamboyancy. We visited their atelier, which is a renovated old Japanese-style house. We will introduce you some“gouk” and “gouk 雅 (gouk miyabi)”’s items there in two consecutive articles.



Crimson shadow one piece(真っ赤な影のカットソーワンピ):19,000JPY

In the first article, we will introduce you a look of “gouk 雅.“ Ms Moriguchi is wearing the dress:  she is a designer and does directing with “gouk”’s designer, Mr Kunitomo.

1回目は“gouk雅”のコーディネイト。 “gouk”デザイナーの國友さんと共にディレクションを行うデザイナーの森口さんにドレスを着用してもらいました。


This dress was created based on an image of this season’s theme, “sweet and wrapped up.” This dress’s motif is “Ichigo daifuku”
Ichigo daihuku is a traditional Japanese sweet that has a whole strawberry put into a normal daifuku, which is made from mochi (rice cake) and anko (sweet bean paste). You might be surprised at the idea of sweet bean and strawberry put together, but it is a popular traditional Japanese sweet in Japan.
That sour-sweetness of Ichigo daifuku goes perfectly as a motif of the not-too-sweet style of “gouk 雅.”

「甘くて、つつんでいるもの」をテーマにイメージを膨らませたという今シーズンのドレス。こちらのドレスのモチーフは “苺大福”!
苺大福とは、モチとあんこで作る通常の大福のなかに、苺一粒を丸ごといれた和菓子のことです。甘い豆と苺!? と、びっくりするかもしれませんが、日本では人気のある和菓子です。


The strap in the front is red which is deeply connected with Japan’s culture.



The black ribbon in the back is girly and cute!


The dress has another color variation in pink.



From behind, Star blooming romantic confectionery bag -red- (星咲く爛漫お菓子入れバッグ 7,020JPY), Maiden going out bag -pink-(乙女のお出かけバッグ 8,200JPY), White memorable pattern large confectionery bag -purple-(白妙の追憶柄大きなお菓子入れバッグ 5,800JPY

You can also coordinate the dress with the bag that is made with the same designed cloth as the dress!



Doll:紫音、影桜:Not for sale


In the next article, we will introduce you the “gouk”’s modern look!




1F, 2-43-4, Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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