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How to incorporate fur, this season’s must-have trend, into a kawaii style!


Okay folks. Get ready for a masterclass in coordination. We met up with Hinano Motegi at one spo, in SHIBUYA 109. Hinano is one spo shopstaff and she shared some of her personal styling tips with us.

SHIBUYA109で絶大な人気を誇るone spo。今回は109店員スタッフの茂木比奈乃さんが提案してくれました。

N2B. 14,904 JPY

They say you can never have enough of a good thing. In this case, the good thing is the color red. Hinano was decked out in all red items, all the way down to her shoes. Her jacket was a standout piece. The use of two fur lengths add depth and movement to the garment, making it as interesting as it warm. This design detail is in keeping with one spo’s signature look, blending sporty and mode style. If red isn’t your up your alley, the jacket is available in pink, navy blue, and black.



“Oriental Night Market,” which is one spo’s design concept this season, is embroidered on the back of the jacket. Whether you’re seeing it from the front or the back, this jacket screams kawaii. The jacket is slightly cropped, which is a currently a massive trend amongst the world’s leading streetwear brands. Plus, the length gives the opportunity to show off the sweater you’ve layered underneath.

バックには今季テーマのコンセプトの「Oriental Night Market」の刺繍が施してあり、360°油断していません。丈が短めなので、中に厚手のニットなどを着ても着ぶくれしにくいのもうれしいですね。

Wearing on color, head to toe, can be difficult to pull off… but one spo’s designs make it work. Their attention to functionality, through design details, can change the total look. Undo the zipper and pop open the buttons and it’s like a whole new outfit!


Colored Python Skirt. 6,372 JPY.

Hinano was wearing a red, python printed, miniskirt straight out of the swinging 60s. The skirt features a center front vertical zipper creating an optical illusion, giving you legs for days. If you’re not in the mood for red, the miniskirt is available in pink and navy blue.


Shearling Lace Tops. 4,212 JPY.

The next item from Hinano’s look of the day was delicate lace shirt. The sheer fabric and high-necked design carries a feeling of elegance with detail reminiscent of women’s formal wear. The color choices include red, black, pink, and white. The variety in colors makes the garment lends itself to any look, ranging from classic eveningwear to contemporary chic.


Lion Choker. 3,024 JPY.

The choker Hinano was wearing is unapologetically bold and noticeable. The thick band, wrapped snugly around the neck is adorned with a golden lion door-knocker, making it impossible to be left unnoticed.


Python Belted Shoes. 1,3824 JPY.

Shoes can make or break an outfit, and Hinano definitely made the right choice with this pair. Made from the same red python print as her skirt, these 14cm platform wedges give balance to the look and to the wearer as well! Who says you need to sacrifice comfort for a little boost in height? They are available in red (as pictured,) pink and navy blue. All colors have a comfortable and subdued black sole, making them less flashy and add to their versatility.


Colored Python Waist Pouch. 6,372 JPY.

It’s safe to say that fannypacks are back in style. They’re as easy to wear as they are functional. one spo’s fannypack is made of the same python print as the skirt and shoes, making matching a breeze. However, this item doubles as purse. Simply attach the golden chain and you’ve got a whole new bag. Two bags for the price of one! Now that’s the kind of math everybody likes to do.


What do you think of the look Hinano shared with us? The warm furs paired with classic to modern contemporary looks prove that you can mix and match styles, to create a whole new look. Our advice to you: keep an eye on one spo because their brand fits any occasion.

これからもone spoの提案するコーデに注目ですね。

Shop Information:
one spo
SHIBUYA109 4F 2-29-1
Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
*All prices include consumption tax.

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