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one spo’s Unique Coordination that’s both Kawaii and Warm!


one spo’s design concept is an interesting mix of sporty and mode. The final product is fashion forward while maintaining functional wearability. This time, Hinano Motegi, a Shibuya 109 shopstaff, introduced us to warm styles to help endure the cold winter months.

モードとスポーツの融合をコンセプトにしているone spo。

3 Heart Eyelet Sweaterdress 7452 JPY.

3 Heart Eyelet Sweaterdress, Detail. 

The sleeves are decorated with heart-shaped eyelets on each side. This dress exemplifies one spo’s unique style. This item is available in four colors: pink, black, green and navy blue. The refreshing green color is selling fast, during Tokyo’s chilly winter season.


Different colours and styles available.

3 Heart Eyelet Sweater.

Not only are the voluminous sleeves cute and stylish, the silhouette makes the wearer appear to be more svelte and modelesque. The sleeves also feature a fitted cuff which adds a touch of whimsicality to the overall look. Pair either with a thick platform shoe, and you’re ready to go.


3 Heart Eyelet Sweaterdress.


Channel your inner 90s supermodel with this bold, golden lion beret. The one size fits all, oversized, hat creates an optical illusion, making your face and features appear more delicate and coquettish. If you’re not feeling so adventurous, the lion can be removed to create a more demure style.


Lion Beret. 5292 JPY

Lion Beret, detail.

This bracelet can be worn as a choker (as pictured below) or around the wrist. It is available in a classic black or a contemporary pink. The antique style buckle makes this accessory a statement piece, no matter how you wear it.


2-Way Antique Buckle Bracelet. 2808 JPY

one spo offers fun and stylish designs that will keep you toasty warm, this winter. The only difficult task is selecting the color of your garments! one spo is dedicated to maintaining your cute style, keeping your and comfort in mind. Compromising cuteness for warmth just isn’t worth it, enjoy winter fashion, with one spo.

one spoにはカラバリ豊富なあたたかいアイテムがたくさんありました。かわいさも妥協しないone spoのコーデを取り入れてみてはいかかでしょうか。寒さに負けず、冬こそおしゃれを楽しみましょう!


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one spo
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