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Short report on the Sebastian Masuda’s new brand “6-D Sebastian Masuda”! “Noise it Colorful” makes a raid on high fashion!


Artist / “6%DOKIDOKI” designer Sebastian Masuda has released a new brand called “6-D Sebastian Masuda“. We will give you a peek of the show that was held on October 24th, 2017(Thursday).

アーティスト/6%DOKIDOKIデザイナーの増田セバスチャンが、新たなブランド「6-D Sebastian Masuda」を発表しました。2017年10月24日(木)に行われたショーの様子をご紹介します!

After working in the world of theater and modern art, Sebastian Masuda opened a shop in Harajuku call “6%DOKIDOKI” around 1995 with the concept “Sensational Kawaii”. Now, it is one of the brands that represents the Harajuku street fashion. Other than fashion, he is known for making Kyari-PamyuPamyu’s music videos, and attracted attention from all over the world. Recently, he is working in New York as an artist.
Why did he release a new brand now? Why is it high fashion and not street fashion? We asked him about these points. 

増田セバスチャンは演劇・現代美術の世界で活動した後、1995年に”Sensational Kawaii”がコンセプトのショップ「6%DOKIDOKI」を原宿にオープン。「6%DOKIDOKI」は、いまや原宿のストリートファッションを代表するブランドの一つです。ファッションの分野以外でも、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅのPV美術などで世界的に注目をあつめ、近年はアメリカ・ニューヨークにアーティスト活動の拠点を置いています。その彼がなぜ今新ブランドを?しかもストリートファッションではなくハイファッションを発表したのか?今回のコレクションにこめた思いを聞きました。

Antithesis on “Mass production / mass consumption” and the raid on high fashion
This time’s key words are “mass production/ mass consumption” and “industrial products”. These products use PVC(polyvinyl chloride) and other industrial products for the materials. 



 From there, he wanted to address questions such as “what is the true meaning of uniqueness?” and that ” while everyone talks about being unique, if you wear clothes sold in towns, they are all the same clothes; so what does it mean to be unique?”.


 The theme for the first collection is “Noise it Colorful”; letting adults have a playful mind once more. 
This year, every other brand has decorative designs. While fashion these days are said to not have their vigor, I decided to cut these decorative parts and focus on the core parts.

1stコレクションのテーマは「Noise it Colorful.」。オトナたちにもう一度、遊び心を

The image of “Sebastian Masuda” up to now tended to be the colorful and superficial design. I decided to not use that this time, and focused on the sensuous part.


I’ve been making clothes for 20 years, and my fans are now in their 30s and 40s. They are starting to “graduate” and saying that they “had their fun with the colorful clothes” and becoming boring.
I want those kinds of adults to regain their playful spirit. By wearing these clothes, I want them to work on enriching their mind.

彼らは “卒業”とか“自分はもうカラフルじゃなくてもいい”とか、なんか段々つまんなくなってきてる。

Choosing high fashion on purpose to show the world “Tokyo” 
Whenever I go overseas, I felt that although Japan’s creativity is great, nobody ever pays attention to it.
But Japan’s technical skills are very high, and meets the world’s standards.
Since I’m working overseas, and I thought I’ll get some attention, so I chose high fashion. I wanted people all over the world to see “Tokyo”.



In order to do that, I decided to use the “language of fashion”. I’ve always worked with street fashion and art, so high fashion is not my strong points, so there are parts where I have difficulty conveying my message.
That’s why the “6-D Sebastian Masuda” team is made up of people who has experience with collections, including people who worked with the performance and configuration. 
If I do all this myself, it can become kind of a mess. I discussed with the team like, “let’s change this into this in the language of fashion”.

そのために、まず “ファッションの言語”を使おうと思いました。ストリートファッションやアートをやってきた僕は、ハイファッションではある意味外の者なので、伝えたいことが響かない部分があるんです。だから、「6-D Sebastian Masuda」のチームは演出も構成も含めて、コレクション経験の豊富な人達と組みました。

This time’s collection is like version 0.5. Rather than a beginning, it’s more like the part before the beginning, where you are still starting to create the storyline.


Recreating the now famous “Sebastian Masuda”


“6-D Sebastian Masuda” has antithesis towards the things I’ve created so far.

「6-D Sebastian Masuda」には、これまで自分が作ったものに対してのアンチテーゼも入っています。

When I was 20(around 1990), mode style clothes were at their peak. I started creating clothes to tell people that “our generation is more like this”; kind of like an antithesis.


But after 20 years, what I have been doing is becoming one of the major styles.The Harajuku now also has lots of items that follow “the styles that people tend to buy”. I want to tell those people that “creativity is not something like that; it comes from the what kind of message you want to present”.

今の原宿にも “売れるもの”の表面をなぞったものが多い。そういう状態に対して、「いや、クリエイティブって、カタチのなぞるんじゃなくて、もっとメッセージ的なところだよ」と伝えたいですね。

He plans on opening collections from outside Japan, starting with New York, and plans to start selling on EC sites. Fashion, movie and theater arts, package designs, art activities… We should keep watch on Sebastian Masuda and “6-D Sebastian Masuda” that keeps on breaking the shell and evolving over time. 

今後はニューヨークをはじめとする海外のコレクションや、ECサイトなどでも展開していく予定とのこと。ファッション、映像・舞台美術、商品パッケージデザイン、アート活動…。自分の殻を破りながら進化を続ける増田セバスチャンと「6-D Sebastian Masuda」に要注目です。




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