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Swankiss will grant it all; this fall’s ama-kawaii see-through/effortlessly beautiful coordination


Swankiss is a brand that has lots of items that are perfect for girls. Same as before, we asked Hikapuu, a charismatic store staff at Shibuya 109, to introduce us to this fall’s recommended see-through/effortlessly beautiful coordination.


This coordination’s key points are the velour material, satin ruffles, and the laces. The velour material is perfect for fall, and the ruffles and laces bring out the Swankiss’s feminine charm.
PRICE: Belour frill O/P 9,000JPY, Scallop lacy inner 5,000JPY, Vanilla sandal 11,000JPY, MG VBD earring 4,104JPY


Also, this daring style in the back uses tons of ruffles, which happens to be Swankiss’s special feature. It’s a sexy, dolly, and kawaii style all at the same time.


The inside uses laces, as usual, but this one has long sleeves that is wider at the end, so the silhouette is unique. By adding this, the coordination suddenly becomes a sweet style fashion. If you want to change things up a bit, or if you want to be different, this is the item for you!
PRICE: Scallop lacy inner 5,000JPY


Both the one piece dress and inner outfit comes in black.
PRICE: Belour frill O/P 9,000JPY, Scallop lacy inner 5,000JPY



This piercing has large letters and fur that are eye-catching. They swing every time you move, so it’s sure to catch everyone’s attention!
PRICE: MG VBD earring 4,104JPY


Inside the Swankiss store is also kawaii. You feel like you are in a girl’s dreamland just by going inside. Don’t you want to be surrounded by the sweet smell of vanilla?


Let’s enjoy coordination that’s perfect for fall with Swankiss’s see-through/effortlessly beautiful items!



Editor: channoma*

SHIBUYA 109 2-29-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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