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Let’s enjoy fall with Swankiss’s see-through / effortlessly beautiful coordination


We went to a brand that’s known for its fluffy and dream-like concept called Swankiss in Shibuya 109. Hikapuu is a staff with charisma, and “pika-pink” hair color and round glasses are her special traits. She will introduce us some see-through/ effortlessly beautiful coordination that’s perfect for this fall.


The key point for this coordination is the top’s see-through×knit fabric. By adding these two together, it becomes not too hot or cold to wear. The point is that it gives a “beginning of fall” feeling. The ribbon that’s tied around the neck is very cute!
PRICE: Tulle knit TOPS 7,500JPY, Frill pencil skirt 9,000JPY, Vanilla sandal 11,000JPY


Other than this season’s trend color, deep red, it also comes in black.
PRICE: Tulle knit TOPS 7,500JPY


The bottom uses denim fabric, so it can be worn all year round. The slit on the side makes you look beautiful without much effort. The back of the band that comes around the waist stretches, so it’s easy to tuck in your knitted top during winter.


The skirt also comes in black.
PRICE: Frill pencil skirt 9,000JPY


This is a feather fur × glitter sole sandal. The fur with volume and the gorgeous and shiny sole with glitter lightens up the feet. The heel is not too high, so it’s easy to walk in, and you can wear it wherever you like!
PRICE: Vanilla sandal 11,000JPY


There were also items like these in store. Like how it was in summer, there are lots of items that use see-through fabric.


Swankiss’s flower motifs also changed so that it’s perfect for fall!


They also have lots of plaid items, which is common in autumn, and other accessories.


Fall is the time for fashion. Don’t you want to enjoy fashion that’s perfect for fall, using Swankiss’s “see-through/effortlessly beautiful” looks?



Editor: channoma*

SHIBUYA 109 2-29-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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