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Kawaii.i Fashion Contest 2017 “My Kawaii Personal Style”



Thank you, so much, for every vote!

At long last, the wait is over and the results are in!
The 5th Kawaii Leader has been named and she won Kawaii.i Prize as well! The special prizes have been awarded to various entries, selected by the designers.Each image will be a direct link to the page of the winner.

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Contest Schedule

  • Entry period:
    October 5th (THU) – November 20th (MON), 2017
  • Pre-Selection:
    November 21st (TUE) – December 7th (THU), 2017

    Total of 10 candidates will be selected; 1 candidate will be selected online by general public vote, and remaining 9 candidates will be selected by the juries.
  • Final Selection:
    December 8th (FRI), 2017 – January 29th (MON), 2018

    10 selected candidates will be asked to submit their own PR video for this final selection. Both general public and juries’ votes will apply towards the final count.
  • Result Announcement:
    March 3rd (FRI), 2018 




Awards and prizes

Kawaii Leader prize (1 winner)

NHK world TV program “Kawaii International” will be selecting the final winner, who will be the next Kawaii Leader. To find out more about Kawaii Leader, please read the “INFORMATION” below.

Kawaii.i prize (1 winner)

The popular vote winner from final selection will be entitled to this prize. Clothes and/or accessories will be awarded to the winner.

Special prize (number of winner to be determined)

Contest sponsor brands will select the winners. Clothes and/or accessories will be awarded to the winner.

– gouk –

[Brand concept]
This is T. KUNITOMO’s designer, Takeshi Kunitomo’s new casual and mode style brand that uses “wa” as the theme. This brand has two concepts; “Onko-chishin”, (which means the old times gives us a warm feeling and nostalgia, and we should rediscover that part of Japan) and “Kachou-fuugetsu”, (which means the graceful and elegant world within nature. It also points to the profound and deep world).

Also, within gouk’s wa style, there’s “gouk-miyabi”, which is a wa-loli style fashion that has bewitching charm and splendor, or “ENPHA”, and “gouk-samurai”, which is designed based on the image of men who lived in the era between Edo and Meiji.

official site →

– one spo –

[Brand concept]
The combination of mode and sports.
The perfect balance between sexy and sporty; that’s the theme for one spo.
We recommend it to all women that believe being yourself is important and doesn’t get flattered easily.

official site →




1)Please note that the photos and your texts submitted may appear in Kawaii.i or Kawaii International. Also, both organization may use them in their events, broadcasts, and seminars.

2)The submitted photos, whether it was taken by you or third party, we may use it for the purposes described in 1). Do not submit photos that is not under your copyrights, and the right belongs to other parties or other photographers. Please send us full-body shots. The head shots, or upper torso photos will not qualify for any further selecting process.

3)The Kawaii.i prize and Special prize will come in one size. Please understand that we cannot take requests for different sizes.

4)The e-mail addresses used for entry will be registered to Kawaii.i news letter. It will inform you the updates of the contest, etc.

5)When you enter the contest, we will regard that you have agreed to the 1) – 4) disclosers above, and official rules.

  VIEW GALLERY had open! We will continue to look forward to your entry.
If you do not see the entry form, please contact us from facebook ( message.


About Kawaii.i

This contest is hosted by Kawaii.i( Kawaii.i’s mission is to advocate Kawaii culture from Tokyo to the world, and through Kawaii culture, also hope to inspire people all over the world to realize the dreams they may have.


About Kawaii Leader

Kawaii Leaders are people we select, who adapted Kawaii culture into their lives, and utilizes it to enable themselves in many ways. We will ask the Kawaii Leaders to advocate “Kawaii” through our programs and websites. In the past, Kawaii Leaders have been invited to Tokyo to participate as models at fashion shows in Harajuku, featured in magazines, lead projects, and even became apprentices to designers. Us Kawaii staff have worked hard to realize everyone’s dreams in coordinating such events. These were broadcasted in NHK WORLD’s program “Kawaii International” that aired in 160 countries and regions.

Kawaii Leader, beyond liking Kawaii Culture, is expected to possess good communication skills, and expressing ability that is inspiring to others.

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