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Why is this “see-through and skin showing” coordination is so trendy? ―by RENAI KEIKAKU


Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is instilled into people’s minds as one of Harajuku’s landmarks. We visited “Omohara No Mori”, which is at the top floor, and did a photo shoot on this summer’s trend: see-through coordination. This fashion’s point is the peplum blouse. This clear colored top incorporates this year’s trend. Do you know what it is?

PRICE: Blouse 5,900JPY, Short Pants 5,900JPY, Cotton Beret 3,600JPY

コーデのポイントは、トップスのペプラムブラウス。 透け感たっぷりのこのトップスには、今トレンドのポイントがあります。さてどんなところか、分かりますか??

The key point is the embroidery that’s spread all over. This style is this year’s trend.


See-through x swinging x sunshine filtering through trees may be a killer item on dates. This top will definitely make you want to go outside!

PRICE: Blouse 5,900JPY

透け感 ✕ 揺れ ✕ 木漏れ日は、デートのキラーアイテムにもなりそう。こんなトップスで、お出かけしたくなりますね。

The back has straps that can be tied behind, showing a little bit of your skin. The front covers your breasts, so once you show your back, it quickly changes into a mature look.


t may be good to wear black or peacock green bottoms, which is perfect for this coming season. “This shorts has waist that are folded, covering the hip line, and making your stomach look flat” says Minorid, a store staff.

PRICE: Short Pants 5,900JPY


Using embroidered items for the bottom is also a good coordination. The texture and design help us enjoy an early taste of the autumn, and the embroideries are elegant.

PRICE: Skirt 7,900JPY


Embroidered items are increasing as fall comes near, and is displayed all over the store. It’s a must have for this season, and don’t forget to check those colors and coordination!


PRICE: Shirt 5,800JPY

Were these points on the trends and coordination useful? Japan’s summer is still hot, even in September, so it’s good to mix and match these see-through items.


Located at Tokyuu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku’s top floor, Omohara No Mori has tall trees such as Japanese Zelkova and katsura growing. Bird fly over from Yoyogi Park and Meiji-jinguu forest to drink water and build nests. You can think of what to wear while soaking up sunlight that’s filtering through trees or staring at the sky.



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4-30-3 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


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