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A flood of new items, from pastel colored dreamy accessories to wire art!


At this “DESIGN FESTA,” so many super-creative-people with their own sense of world view gather around! The “twinning-coordination” that was trending a little while ago wasn’t being interested at all. This event is all about expressing your own original fashion and works. We will introduce you some fascinating works made by the brilliant creators…



We’ve found a cute shop, which is THE Yume-Kawaii brand!

The 夢かわブランドでかわいいショップを発見!

The CANDY STORE’s recommendations are these cherry rings and ear cuffs. Its red color and round shape is so cute that you will fall in love with it instantly. It is made roundly so that it will fit your body: the more you wear it, the more you’ll get attached to it!

PRICE: Ring 2000JPY, Ear cuff 1700JPY

CANDY STOREのオススメ商品は、さくらんぼの指輪とイヤーカフ。真っ赤なカラーとコロンとした形に思わずひとめぼれするかわいさです。体にフィットするよう丸みを帯びて作られているため、使う度にどんどん愛着がわいちゃいそう。

This is a “fancy-candy-machine” which is packed with full of dreams. They say that they made it look cute by designing various sweets, not only gumballs.






The inside of the store, Caramel-ribbon, is filled with a fairytale atmosphere!
Once you step in to the store, you’ll be put in a dreamy state of mind. Four creators are running the store. Many products designed in the motif of an angel’s feather, half moons, or twinkling stars, are displayed.


Every product is handmade and is filled with small beads and glitters. It sparkles when it moves: you’ll feel happy every time you watch it. The accessories and ornaments have such a presence that it would make you feel happy everyday.





●”iKi (wire accessories)

PRICE:Hand crip 900JPY

The next shop that we’ve found is “iki.” Its artisanship is fascinating: they create art with just a string of wire. We were able to watch them make the work like that of a one-stroke sketch closely.


These are the work that is designed in a motif of a “hiragana” letter of “su”.
They both look the same at first sight, but the left one is made in an image of a “Ming-style font” and the right one is imaged in a gothic type. The Japanese font style is expressed simply.
By actually seeing the little “difference,” we recommend finding your favorite. 







Editor: Koto, Rika, Hiroki

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