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One spo’s recommended “see-through and skin showing” coordination


One spo is a tremendously popular at Shibuya 109.
This is this season’s “see-through and skin showing” coordination that Hinano recommends.

SHIBUYA109でも絶大な人気を誇るone spo。

According to Hinano, the gingham check makes it a sweet style fashion, but the white, blank top balances out everything. The bottom has slits, with ribbons to tie up the sides. The waist part is elastic, so it’s easy to walk in.

PRICE: Gingham Check Pants 7,452JPY


The top has a big ribbon to tie in the back. The bottom doesn’t show much skin, so you can wear it naturally, without making it look like it’s too much. The wide shoulder straps balance it out.


The top comes not only in white, but black and lavender as well. The bottom has ribbons too, but the design is simple, so it’s not too much.

PRICE: Back ribbon camisole 4,212JPY


This sandal has embroideries on the heels. The logo sticks out, and by connecting the sandals together, you can create a word. They come in white and blue.

PRICE: Embroidery Denim Sandals 13,824JPY


Right next to the sandal, they also had a bag with the same style. It will also look great if you wear the sandals and use the bag at the same time. The symmetrical embroidery design wraps everything up.


It’s almost beach and pool season, so they also had some swimsuits. How about trying the sweet style coordination with the gingham check bikini?

PRICS: Back ribbon check bikini 12,960JPY


The Happy Summer Bag had 8 items such as swimsuits and beach towels. It was such a great deal, that the online reservation sold out in just one minute. This bag had so many items to help us enjoy summer. Hope they make a second edition!


Summer is right around the corner. Let’s enjoy the hot summer with ease by incorporating the “see-through and skin showing” coordination. Let’s enjoy the summer with one spo’s recommended fashion!

夏はもうそこまで。「透け感・肌見せ」を取り入れて、ぜひ暑い夏を涼しげに過ごしてみましょう。one spoが提案するコーデを参考にして、この夏を楽しみましょう!


Editor miita

one spo
SHIBUYA109 4F 2-29-1
Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


*All prices include consumption tax.


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