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You’ll definitely gather attention with this high-impact giggling eye accessory!


So many unique things are sold at the handmade goods’ event, “DESIGN FESTA.” Especially at one store, the feeling of someone watching made us stop by. We will introduce you a store named FireWorks which is popular with its extraordinary design. Products such as the one with some eyeballs and uncountable octopus-like legs freely entangled line up at the store.

PRICE: Hair tie M size 900JPY, Hair tie L size 1000JPY


The creator doesn’t use molds but they use their hands to create a shape and that enables them to come up with some various ideas and shapes. Surprisingly, they match colors on instinct! Eyeball accessories such as hair accessories or rings have been made before, but we’ve never seen such goods that match an eyeball and animal together!



Fire Works


Editor: Koto, Rika, Hiroki

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