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Once you wear it, you’ll feel like a heroine of a tale!


We went to the art and design’s festival, “DESIGN FESTA” which will be the 45th time. The inside of the venue was so cheerful and filled with the exciting atmosphere. There were various genres of stores but we are going to select and introduce you some of the stores that has their lovely view of the world that will make you stop and gaze in unintentionally.


(an accessory shop)

atori’s concept is “Travel through the story”. Each product has a lovely story. There were so many delicate accessories that are made with beads and silk guts, it was hard to make a choice.


Not only at the event or on the internet, these accessories are also available at “Dahila” and some other stores which has a shop at Laforet Harajuku.


atori (Japanese Only)

●A Closet of Alice
(hair accessories such as hats and more)

We’ve met a store that has some cute hats! “There should be many cute clothes in Alice’s closet.” is the concept of the A Closet of Alice.

素敵な帽子が並ぶお店に出会いました! “アリスのクローゼットには素敵な服がたくさん詰まっているはず・・・” というコンセプトのA Closet of Aliceさん。

This bonnet is a designer, Mana-Tea’s recommendation. The big ribbon and the frills are very cute. It is made with hemp so it would be perfect for the summer!
Every item was fanciful and gave us that exciting feeling when you’re reading a book!


A Closet of Alice



The next is this MerryGORound’s rainbow colored dress that we have compelled to stop our feet to fix our eyes on. This series is the store’s best recommendation.


MerryGORound says that they are trying to create the “products that make you feel like a hero/heroine of a tale once you see and wear”. Wear the tiara, wear the dress, you might feel like a princess in a fairyland!?
MerryGORound is Ameko Mokuba’s store who has been on Kawaii International before.

Kawaii Internationalにもご出演していただいたことのある木馬あめこさんのお店です。

PRICE: dress 1,5000JPY

MerryGORound (Japanese Only)

Every store had that wonderful view of the  world that make us smile just by looking at it! Wearing these stores’ items would make your everyday life so exciting!



Editor:Izumi, Kumi, Saki

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