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Won’t you like to feel the Japanese culture, “WA” from the handmade goods?


We went to the Tokyo Big Site, where many exhibitions are held, to go to the Art Design Festival (in 27th and 28th of May), which more than ten thousand people,pro and amateur, participate with their own various works.
It is a big event which is held in every May and November. There were many original works with strong preference, we were very much fascinated. We will show some stores that especially has the Japanese Kawaii style. 


●”Gendaiyuukaku” (Japanese accessories)

We’ve found the accessory store that is really “Japanese”: many of the products has that peculiar atmosphere of Japan but it also has the design that is modern. There are two kinds, one is a chic “Ade” which uses primary colors. Another is a fresh pastel color, which is called “Sai”. They say that “Ade” one is more popular.
PRICE: Ribbon barrette 2,500JPY




This latest product, “Ear Hook” is a type of accessory which you literally hook to your ear. It is carefully made from the traditional image of “WA” with labor and time.
PRICE: Ear Hook 3,000JPY


Gendai Yukaku (Japanese only)


● “Asobiya” (an unique accessory made from Kimono)


A head band that is made with paper cranes using “Origami”, one of the traditional culture which represents Japan, was popular in this store. The crane part is a clip and you can take it off and clip it to your hair. Adding one thing like this creates the calm atmosphere without wearing Wafuku (Japanese traditional Kimono).
PRICE :Alice Band 7,000JPY~


This hair accessory is designed in a motif of a popular old tale,”Urashimataro” and it is the “Asobiya”‘s one of the product they are really proud of.  It is specially made to make a meaning with two of the accessories. Also, the attached bell would ring when it shakes: you can feel “WA” with your fives senses.
PRICE: Hair accessory, Crane 12,000JPY , Turtle 15,000JPY


Asobiya (Japanese only)



In “Karat”, many goods made with cute fabrics, such as bags and accessories were showcased. They use real Kimono fabrics and some foreign fabrics. It is done in a half-Japanese, half-foreign style. Every work is made with the image of a Japanese Kimono and the two patterns are sewed adjoined. They say that it is popular among foreign people for the souvenirs.
PRICE: Coin Case 1,500JPY


This round-shaped bag is recommended. The same fabric is used inside out so that you can see many patterns. Also, it is coated with resin to make it long lasting because the Kimono fabrics tend to wear out while using.


Karat only)


At the Design Festa, while making the motif “WA”, the designs were also peculiar and we were able to see many popular goods among not only the foreign visitors but also the “WA” fans.


Editor: Haruka, Ayana, Yusuke, Chie



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