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Marblee presents, the coordination for going out.


Marblee presents, the coordination for going out. Its SWEET & HEALTHY, casual style is cute, With the vivid colored overall and the cardigan with fringe, it makes the perfect coordination with just the right amount of exposure for the early summer.

PRICE: Rompers 11,800JPY, Cardigan 9,800JPY, Bag 5,900JPY, Hat 3,900JPY, Belt 4,500JPY


A gown and a long cardigan is popular this year. The skin that can be seen from the cardigan and the overall’s vivid color enable you to look mature but cute at the same time. It is perfect for someone who wants to show skin but is a little reluctant to show arms.


This cardigan has color range of white, pink, and gray. Each color is easy to coordinate and cute.


This overall is the main item in this coordination and the point is that it has tassel. The ribbon on the shoulder adds the cuteness and the coolness that reminds us of summer. The frills on the waist can make your legs look longer.


For the more advanced coordination, add the corset belt which is this year’s trend. Marblee’s corset belt has zippers to the side, so you can easily wear it and take it off.


“Marblee’s original patch work corset belt also looks cute with the plain clothes. Just adding this belt can make your coordination trendy,” says the shop manager, Nozomi.


The rompers have three color ranges: pink, white, and black.


This is the bag that was used in the first coordination. For the early summer excursion, straw bag would be nice to choose.  The big tassel stands out and the blue border pattern on the lining is very refreshing to look at.


Match it with straw hat, you will instantly feel like going on a little excursion. The broad-brimmed straw hat is still trending since last year.


We will show another coordination Marblee suggests. The off shoulder top keeps being popular since last year. The shoulder line of the top is fixed so it prevents from slipping down, it’s carefree! The lace up denim skirt has fringe and it is very trendy.

PRICE: Tops 9,800JPY, Denim Skirt 9,800JPY


The contrast of the knit and the see through design give us the feeling of freshness and it makes the neckline cool-looking.


These two cordinations that we’ve introduced today both has a point in showing your skin a little bit. Which coordination would you like to wear to go outside? You could use these coordinations as your guide to your own coordination for an excursion.



Editor YOKO

B0.5F Laforet HARAJUKU 1-11-6
Jingumae Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


*All prices do not include consumption tax.


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